8-bit PIC® MCUs with Core Independent Peripherals

Free your creativity with Microchip's core independent peripherals

8-bit PIC® MCUs withMicrochip PIC Microcontrollers with Core Independent Peripherals take 8-bit MCU performance to a new level. With a number of on-board modules designed to increase capability in any control system, these MCUs represent the best value in embedded design.

Core Independent Peripherals are designed to handle their tasks with no code or supervision from the CPU to maintain operation. As a result, they simplify the implementation of complex control systems and give designers the flexibility to innovate.

Key Attributes:

Self-Sustaining – Once initialized in a system, Core Independent Peripherals can provide steady-state closed-loop embedded control with zero intervention from the MCU’s core. The CPU can then be idled or put into SLEEP mode to save system power.

CPU Free – Core Independent Peripherals are smartly interconnected to allow near-zero latency sharing of data, logic inputs, or analog signals without additional code or interruption of the CPU. This frees the CPU to perform other system tasks and reduces Flash memory consumption.

Significant Savings – By taking the load off the CPU, Core Independent Peripherals allow smaller, lower-power PIC MCUs to perform extremely complex tasks, such as high-power lighting control and communication. In addition, significant BOM cost savings can be realized by replacing off-board discrete components with these integrated peripherals.


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
PIC12F1571-I/MS datasheet linkIC MCU 8BIT 1.75KB FLASH 8MSOPPIC12F1571-I/MSIC MCU 8BIT 1.75KB FLASH 8MSOP6206 - Immediate
PIC12F1571-I/MS product page link
PIC12F1571-E/SN datasheet linkIC MCU 8BIT 1.75KB FLASH 8SOICPIC12F1571-E/SNIC MCU 8BIT 1.75KB FLASH 8SOIC8030 - Immediate
PIC12F1571-E/SN product page link
PIC12F1571-E/MS datasheet linkIC MCU 8BIT 1.75KB FLASH 8MSOPPIC12F1571-E/MSIC MCU 8BIT 1.75KB FLASH 8MSOP1401 - Immediate
PIC12F1571-E/MS product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
PIC16F1613-I/P datasheet linkIC MCU 8BIT 3.5KB FLASH 14DIPPIC16F1613-I/PIC MCU 8BIT 3.5KB FLASH 14DIP1505 - Immediate
PIC16F1613-I/P product page link
PIC16F1613-I/SL datasheet linkIC MCU 8BIT 3.5KB FLASH 14SOICPIC16F1613-I/SLIC MCU 8BIT 3.5KB FLASH 14SOIC919 - Immediate
PIC16F1613-I/SL product page link
PIC16F1613-I/ML datasheet linkIC MCU 8BIT 3.5KB FLASH 16QFNPIC16F1613-I/MLIC MCU 8BIT 3.5KB FLASH 16QFN808 - Immediate
PIC16F1613-I/ML product page link
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
PIC16F1703-I/SL datasheet linkIC MCU 8BIT 3.5KB FLASH 14SOICPIC16F1703-I/SLIC MCU 8BIT 3.5KB FLASH 14SOIC819 - Immediate
PIC16F1703-I/SL product page link
PIC16F1703-I/P datasheet linkIC MCU 8BIT 3.5KB FLASH 14DIPPIC16F1703-I/PIC MCU 8BIT 3.5KB FLASH 14DIP328 - Immediate
PIC16F1703-I/P product page link
PIC16F1703-I/ML datasheet linkIC MCU 8BIT 3.5KB FLASH 16QFNPIC16F1703-I/MLIC MCU 8BIT 3.5KB FLASH 16QFN942 - Immediate
PIC16F1703-I/ML product page link
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Published: 2014-05-16