SAC136 Peak Clamp TVS

MCC's SAC136 with excellent clamping and high surge capabilities, fast response time

Image of Micro Commercial Co's SAC136 Peak Clamp TVSMicro Commercial Components' SAC136 is specially designed to protect MOSFETs in flybackpower supplies. This device has excellent clamping capability, high surge capability and fast response time. Inside blocking diodes enable it to have lower capacitance and make it suitable for some applications where signal integrity is critical.


  • Glass passivated junction
  • Excellent clamping capability
  • Low capacitance
  • Peak power rating to 600W per 10/1000μs waveform
  • Fast response
  • Accurate voltage clamping regardless of load
  • 100% matte tin lead finish

SAC136 Peak Clamp TVS

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
SAC136-TP datasheet linkTVS DIODE 136VWM 219VC DO15SAC136-TPTVS DIODE 136VWM 219VC DO153968 - Immediate
SAC136-TP product page link
Published: 2010-10-22