TH8056 Enhanced Single Wire CAN Transceiver

Physical layer device for a single-wire data link, capable of operating with various CSMA/CR protocols

Image of Melexis' TH8056 Enhanced Single Wire CAN TransceiverMelexis' TH8056 is a physical layer device for a single-wire data link capable of operating with various CSMA/CR protocols such as the Bosch Controller Area Network (CAN) version 2.0. This serial data link network is intended for use in applications where a high data-rate is not required and a lower data rate can achieve cost reductions in the physical media components and the microprocessor and/or dedicated logic devices that use the network.

Features Applications
  • Fully compatible with GMW3089 V 2.4 and J2411 single wire CAN specification for Class B in-vehicle communications
  • 30 µA typical power consumption in sleep mode independent from CAN voltage range
  • Operating voltage range 5 V to 26.5 V
  • Up to 40 kbps bus speed
  • Up to 100 kbps high-speed transmission mode
  • ESD protection of 4 kV on CAN pin (2 kV on any other pin)
  • Under voltage lockout
  • Bus dominant time-out feature
  • Thermal overload and short circuit protection
  • Logic inputs compatible with 3.3 V and 5 V supply systems
  • Control pin for external voltage regulators
  • Low RFI due to output wave shaping in normal and high voltage wake up mode
  • Fully integrated receiver filter
  • Bus terminals proof against short-circuits and transients in automotive environment
  • Loss of ground protection, very low leakage current (typ. 20 µA at 26.5 V and 125°C)
  • Protection against load dump, jump start
  • 14-pin thermally enhanced and 8-pin SOIC package

TH8056 CAN Transceiver

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
TH8056KDC-AAA-008-RE datasheet linkIC TXRX CAN 8SOICTH8056KDC-AAA-008-REIC TXRX CAN 8SOIC22287 - Immediate
TH8056KDC-AAA-008-RE product page link
TH8056KDC-AAA-014-RE datasheet linkIC TXRX CAN 14SOICTH8056KDC-AAA-014-REIC TXRX CAN 14SOIC26089 - Immediate
TH8056KDC-AAA-014-RE product page link
TH8056KDC-AAA-008-TU datasheet linkIC TXRX CAN SGL WIRE 8SOICTH8056KDC-AAA-008-TUIC TXRX CAN SGL WIRE 8SOIC1403 - Immediate
TH8056KDC-AAA-008-TU product page link
TH8056KDC-AAA-014-TU datasheet linkIC TXRX CAN SGL WIRE 14SOICTH8056KDC-AAA-014-TUIC TXRX CAN SGL WIRE 14SOIC0TH8056KDC-AAA-014-TU product page link
Published: 2013-06-05