An Easy-to-Use Kit That Requires Only a PC

Image of Maxim Integrated's MAXSANTAFEEVSYS# KitThe MAXSANTAFEEVSYS kit allows users to quickly demonstrate and evaluate the functionality of the MAXREFDES5 4-channel 16-bit, isolated analog front-end (AFE) reference design without the need for a bench power supply, signal generator equipment, or Xilinx development kit. The reference design board connects to a PC through an included USB-to-SPI adapter that provides both power and data communication to the board. To test the AFE reference design, a USB-powered signal generator board utilizing one of Maxim’s digital-to-analog converters (DAC) is also included. A Windows®-based graphical user interface (GUI) communicates with the boards for generating various analog signal test patterns and simplified access to AFE measurement data.

The MAXREFDES5 reference design is a 4-channel analog front-end (AFE) that accepts -10 V to +10 V, 0 V to 10 V, and 4–20 mA current-loop signals. The design integrates a 16-bit ADC with multi-range input programmability (MAX1301) plus low-noise, high-impedance analog buffers (MAX9632) on two of the input channels and an ultra-high-precision 4.096 V voltage reference (MAX6126) to achieve maximum performance from the 16-bit system. A 600 VRMS digital isolator (MAX14850) and 3 W transformer driver (MAX256) provide the necessary isolated data and power connections to the host system. LDO regulators (MAX1659) provide regulated +12 V, -12 V, and 5 V power rails to the analog front-end.

MAXSANTAFEEVSYS User Manual is available.

Enlarged Diagram

EV Kit Contents

  • MAXREFDES5 4-channel AFE board
  • USB2PMB1 USB to Pmod Type 2A adapter board
  • MAX5216DACLITE signal generator board
  • Two (2) wires with hook clips (1 red and 1 black)
  • Two (2) USB Type A male to USB Type B mini cables
  • USB Flash drive with documentation, GUI applications, and USB drivers

Key Features

  • Self-contained easy evaluation kit for MAXREFDES5
  • Optimized AFE with common analog input ranges
  • Small form factor test platform
  • All relevant reference design files included


  • Industrial data acquisition
  • Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC)
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controllers


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionMain PurposeUtilized IC / PartAvailable Quantity
MAXSANTAFEEVSYS# datasheet linkEVAL SYSTEM SANTA FEMAXSANTAFEEVSYS#EVAL SYSTEM SANTA FEInterface, Analog Front End (AFE)MAX256, MAX1301, MAX1659, MAX6126, MAX9632, MAX148506 - Immediate
70 - Factory Stock
MAXSANTAFEEVSYS# product page link


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionMain PurposeAvailable Quantity
28 - Factory Stock
MAXREFDES5# product page link
237 - Factory Stock
USB2PMB1# product page link
MAX5216DACLITE# datasheet linkKIT EVAL FOR MAX5216MAX5216DACLITE#KIT EVAL FOR MAX521610MAX5216DACLITE# product page link

Featured IC's

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionReference TypeOutput TypeAvailable Quantity
MAX6126B41+ datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 4.096V 8UMAXMAX6126B41+IC VREF SERIES 4.096V 8UMAXSeriesFixed478 - Immediate
MAX6126B41+ product page link
MAX6126A25+ datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 2.5V 8UMAXMAX6126A25+IC VREF SERIES 2.5V 8UMAXSeriesFixed4858 - Immediate
MAX6126A25+ product page link
MAX6126A50+ datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 5V 8UMAXMAX6126A50+IC VREF SERIES 5V 8UMAXSeriesFixed856 - Immediate
MAX6126A50+ product page link
MAX6126A30+ datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 3V 8UMAXMAX6126A30+IC VREF SERIES 3V 8UMAXSeriesFixed664 - Immediate
MAX6126A30+ product page link
MAX6126A41+ datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 4.096V 8UMAXMAX6126A41+IC VREF SERIES 4.096V 8UMAXSeriesFixed485 - Immediate
MAX6126A41+ product page link
MAX256ASA+ datasheet linkIC DVR H-BRIDGE 3W 8-SOICMAX256ASA+IC DVR H-BRIDGE 3W 8-SOICHalf Bridge (2)Transformers2013 - Immediate
MAX256ASA+ product page link
MAX6126AASA25+ datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 2.5V 8SOICMAX6126AASA25+IC VREF SERIES 2.5V 8SOICSeriesFixed5729 - Immediate
MAX6126AASA25+ product page link
MAX6126AASA21+ datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 2.048V 8SOICMAX6126AASA21+IC VREF SERIES 2.048V 8SOICSeriesFixed4239 - Immediate
2100 - Factory Stock
MAX6126AASA21+ product page link
MAX6126AASA41+ datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 4.096V 8SOICMAX6126AASA41+IC VREF SERIES 4.096V 8SOICSeriesFixed1866 - Immediate
MAX6126AASA41+ product page link
MAX6126AASA50+ datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 5V 8SOICMAX6126AASA50+IC VREF SERIES 5V 8SOICSeriesFixed848 - Immediate
MAX6126AASA50+ product page link
MAX1659ESA+ datasheet linkIC REG LDO 5V/ADJ 0.35A 8SOICMAX1659ESA+IC REG LDO 5V/ADJ 0.35A 8SOICPositive Fixed or Adjustable5V, 1.25 V ~ 16 V4062 - Immediate
1100 - Factory Stock
MAX1659ESA+ product page link
MAX9632ASA+ datasheet linkIC OPAMP GP 55MHZ RRO 8SOICMAX9632ASA+IC OPAMP GP 55MHZ RRO 8SOICGeneral Purpose1364 - Immediate
900 - Factory Stock
MAX9632ASA+ product page link
MAX6126BASA21+ datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 2.048V 8SOICMAX6126BASA21+IC VREF SERIES 2.048V 8SOICSeriesFixed260 - Immediate
MAX6126BASA21+ product page link
MAX6126BASA41+ datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 4.096V 8SOICMAX6126BASA41+IC VREF SERIES 4.096V 8SOICSeriesFixed98 - Immediate
MAX6126BASA41+ product page link
MAX6126B25+ datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 2.5V 8UMAXMAX6126B25+IC VREF SERIES 2.5V 8UMAXSeriesFixed741 - Immediate
MAX6126B25+ product page link
MAX6126A21+ datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 2.048V 8UMAXMAX6126A21+IC VREF SERIES 2.048V 8UMAXSeriesFixed568 - Immediate
MAX6126A21+ product page link
MAX1301BEUP+ datasheet linkIC ADC 16BIT SER 4CH LP 20TSSOPMAX1301BEUP+IC ADC 16BIT SER 4CH LP 20TSSOP16115k77 - Immediate
1332 - Factory Stock
MAX1301BEUP+ product page link
MAX6126BASA30+ datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 3V 8SOICMAX6126BASA30+IC VREF SERIES 3V 8SOICSeriesFixed136 - Immediate
1400 - Factory Stock
MAX6126BASA30+ product page link
MAX6126BASA50+ datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 5V 8SOICMAX6126BASA50+IC VREF SERIES 5V 8SOICSeriesFixed130 - Immediate
MAX6126BASA50+ product page link
MAX6126B21+ datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 2.048V 8UMAXMAX6126B21+IC VREF SERIES 2.048V 8UMAXSeriesFixed249 - Immediate
200 - Factory Stock
MAX6126B21+ product page link
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Published: 2014-07-28