MAX7032 ASK/FSK Transceiver

Low-cost, crystal-based, programmable ASK/FSK transceiver with fractional-N PLL

Image of Maxim Integrated's MAX7032 ASK/FSK TransceiverMaxim's MAX7032 crystal-based, fractional-N transceiver is designed to transmit and receive ASK/OOK or FSK data in the 300 MHz to 450 MHz frequency range, with data rates up to 33 kbps (Manchester encoded) or 66 kbps (NRZ encoded). This device generates a typical output power of +10 dBm into a 50 Ω load, and exhibits typical sensitivities of -114 dBm for ASK data and -110 dBm for FSK data. The MAX7032 features separate transmit and receive pins (PAOUT and LNAIN) and provides an internal RF switch that can be used to connect the transmit and receive pins to a common antenna. The MAX7032 transmit frequency is generated by a 16-bit, fractional-N, phase-locked loop (PLL), while the receiver's local oscillator (LO) is generated by an integer-N PLL.

Features Applications
  • +2.1 V to +3.6 V or +4.5 V to +5.5 V single-supply operation
  • Single Crystal Transceiver
  • User-adjustable 300 MHz to 450 MHz carrier frequency
  • ASK/OOK and FSK modulation
  • User-adjustable FSK frequency deviation through fractional-N PLL register
  • Two-way, remote keyless entry
  • Garage door openers
  • Home automation
  • Local telemetry systems
  • Remote controls and remote sensing
  • Security systems and smoke alarms

MAX7032 ASK/FSK Transceiver

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeRF Family/StandardAvailable Quantity
MAX7032ATJ+ datasheet linkIC RF TXRX ISM<1GHZ 32-WFQFNMAX7032ATJ+IC RF TXRX ISM<1GHZ 32-WFQFNTxRx OnlyGeneral ISM < 1GHz0MAX7032ATJ+ product page link

Evaluation Kits

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFrequencyFor Use With/Related ProductsAvailable Quantity
MAX7032EVKIT-433 datasheet linkEVAL KIT MAX7032-433MAX7032EVKIT-433EVAL KIT MAX7032-433433MHzMAX70323 - Immediate
MAX7032EVKIT-433 product page link
MAX7032EVKIT-315 datasheet linkEVAL KIT MAX7032-315MAX7032EVKIT-315EVAL KIT MAX7032-315315MHzMAX70322 - Immediate
MAX7032EVKIT-315 product page link
MAX7032EVSYS-315 datasheet linkEVAL SYSTEM KIT MAX7032-315MAX7032EVSYS-315EVAL SYSTEM KIT MAX7032-315315MHzMAX70320MAX7032EVSYS-315 product page link
MAX7032EVSYS-433 datasheet linkEVAL SYSTEM KIT MAX7032-433MAX7032EVSYS-433EVAL SYSTEM KIT MAX7032-433433MHzMAX70320MAX7032EVSYS-433 product page link
Published: 2012-11-12