MAX1104x Simultaneous-Sampling ADCs

Maxim's 16-bit and 14-bit simultaneous-sampling ADCs offer 4, 6, or 8 independent input channels

Image of Maxim Integrated's MAX1104x Simultaneous-Sampling ADCsMaxim's MAX11044/5/6 16-bit and MAX11054/5/6 14-bit ADCs offer 4, 6, or 8 independent input channels. Featuring independent track and hold (T/H) and SAR circuitry, these parts provide simultaneous sampling at 250 ksps for each channel.

MAX11044/5/6 and MAX11054/5/6 accept a ±5 V input. All inputs are overrange protected with internal ±20 mA input clamps providing overrange protection with a simple external resistor. Other features include a 4 MHz T/H input bandwidth, internal clock, and internal or external reference. A 20 MHz, bidirectional, parallel interface provides the conversion results and accepts digital configuration inputs. These devices operate with a 4.75 V to 5.25 V analog supply and a separate flexible 2.7 V to 5.25 V digital supply for interfacing with the host without a level shifter.

Features Applications
  • 16-bit ADC (MAX11044/5/6) and 14-bit ADC (MAX11054/5/6)
    • 8-channel ADC (MAX11046/MAX11056)
    • 6-channel ADC (MAX11045/MAX11055)
    • 4-channel ADC (MAX11044/MAX11054)
  • Single analog and digital supply
  • High-impedance inputs up to 1 GΩ
  • On-Chip T/H circuit for each channel
  • Fast 3 µs conversion time
  • Automatic test equipment
  • Multiphase motor control
  • Power-factor monitoring and correction
  • Power-grid protection
  • Vibration and waveform analysis

MAX1104x Simultaneous-Sampling ADCs

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of BitsSampling Rate (Per Second)Available Quantity
MAX11046ETN+ datasheet linkADC 16BIT SAMPLING 8CH 56-TQFNMAX11046ETN+ADC 16BIT SAMPLING 8CH 56-TQFN16250k68 - Immediate
111 - Factory Stock
MAX11046ETN+ product page link
MAX11044ETN+ datasheet linkADC 16BIT SAMPLING 4CH 56-TQFNMAX11044ETN+ADC 16BIT SAMPLING 4CH 56-TQFN16250k44 - Immediate
87 - Factory Stock
MAX11044ETN+ product page link
MAX11054ECB+ datasheet linkIC ADC 14BIT PAR 250KSPS 64TQFPMAX11054ECB+IC ADC 14BIT PAR 250KSPS 64TQFP14250k90 - Immediate
480 - Factory Stock
MAX11054ECB+ product page link
MAX11056ECB+ datasheet linkIC ADC 14BIT PAR 250KSPS 64TQFPMAX11056ECB+IC ADC 14BIT PAR 250KSPS 64TQFP14250k39 - Immediate
MAX11056ECB+ product page link
MAX11046ECB+ datasheet linkIC ADC 16BIT PAR 250K 8CH 64TQFPMAX11046ECB+IC ADC 16BIT PAR 250K 8CH 64TQFP16250k0MAX11046ECB+ product page link
MAX11045ETN+ datasheet linkADC 16BIT SAMPLING 6CH 56-TQFNMAX11045ETN+ADC 16BIT SAMPLING 6CH 56-TQFN16250k10 - Immediate
962 - Factory Stock
MAX11045ETN+ product page link
MAX11055ECB+ datasheet linkIC ADC 14BIT PAR 250KSPS 64TQFPMAX11055ECB+IC ADC 14BIT PAR 250KSPS 64TQFP14250k0MAX11055ECB+ product page link
Published: 2012-12-13