DS1088L EconOscillator™

Maxim Integrated's low-cost silicon oscillator features 1.0% frequency tolerance

Image of Maxim Integrated's DS1088L EconOscillator™Maxim's DS1088L is a low-cost clock generator that produces a square-wave output without external timing components. The fixed-frequency oscillator is available in factory-calibrated frequencies from 312 kHz to 133 MHz. The DS1088L has a power-down pin for power-sensitive applications.

The internal oscillator frequency is divided by the factory programmed prescaler to produce an output frequency of 312 kHz to 133 MHz. The power-down pin must remain low for at least two output frequency cycles plus 10 μs for deglitching purposes. On power-up, the output is disabled until power is stable and the voltage-controlled oscillator has generated 512 clock cycles.

Features Applications
  • Factory-programmed, square-wave generator from 312 kHz to 133 MHz
  • Single output
  • No external timing components required
  • 2.7 V to 3.6 V supply
  • Power-down mode
  • 1.0% frequency tolerance over temperature and voltage
  • Wide temperature range (-20°C to +85°C)
  • Automotive telematics
  • Cable modems
  • Computer peripherals
  • Copiers
  • POS terminals
  • Printers

DS1088L EconOscillator

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
DS1088LU-66+ datasheet linkIC ECONOSCILL 66.6MHZ 8USOPDS1088LU-66+IC ECONOSCILL 66.6MHZ 8USOP516 - Immediate
DS1088LU-66+ product page link
DS1088LU-100+ datasheet linkIC ECONOSCILL 100MHZ 8USOPDS1088LU-100+IC ECONOSCILL 100MHZ 8USOP396 - Immediate
DS1088LU-100+ product page link
DS1088LU-24+ datasheet linkIC ECONOSCILLATOR FF 8-USOPDS1088LU-24+IC ECONOSCILLATOR FF 8-USOP68 - Immediate
500 - Factory Stock
DS1088LU-24+ product page link
DS1088LU-10+ datasheet linkIC ECONOSCILLATOR 10MHZ 8-USOPDS1088LU-10+IC ECONOSCILLATOR 10MHZ 8-USOP67 - Immediate
15150 - Factory Stock
DS1088LU-10+ product page link
DS1088LU-737+ datasheet linkIC ECONOSCILL 3.3V 8-USOPDS1088LU-737+IC ECONOSCILL 3.3V 8-USOP795 - Immediate
DS1088LU-737+ product page link
DS1088LU-50+ datasheet linkIC ECONOSCILLATOR FF 8-USOPDS1088LU-50+IC ECONOSCILLATOR FF 8-USOP795 - Immediate
DS1088LU-50+ product page link
DS1088LU-16+ datasheet linkIC ECONOSCILLATOR 16.6MHZ 8-USOPDS1088LU-16+IC ECONOSCILLATOR 16.6MHZ 8-USOP15 - Immediate
11150 - Factory Stock
DS1088LU-16+ product page link
DS1088LU-02+ datasheet linkIC ECONOSCILL 2.048MHZ 8USOPDS1088LU-02+IC ECONOSCILL 2.048MHZ 8USOP0DS1088LU-02+ product page link
DS1088LU-27+ datasheet linkIC ECONOSCILLATOR 27MHZ 8-USOPDS1088LU-27+IC ECONOSCILLATOR 27MHZ 8-USOP0DS1088LU-27+ product page link
DS1088LU-333+ datasheet linkIC ECONOSCILLATOR FF 8-USOPDS1088LU-333+IC ECONOSCILLATOR FF 8-USOP0DS1088LU-333+ product page link
Published: 2012-11-27