Maxim's DS28E05 is a 112-byte, user-programmable EEPROM

Image of Maxim Integrated's 1-Wire EEPROMThe DS28E05 is a 112-byte user-programmable EEPROM organized as 7 pages of 16 bytes each. Memory pages can be individually set to write protected or EPROM emulation mode through protection byte settings. Each part has its own guaranteed unique 64-bit ROM identification number (ROM ID) that is factory programmed into the chip. The DS28E05 communicates over Maxim Integrated's single contact 1-Wire® interface at overdrive speed with the ROM ID acting as node address in the case of a multiple-device 1-Wire network.

Features and Benefits

  • Single-contact 1-wire interface
  • 112 bytes user EEPROM with 1K write cycles
  • Programmable write protection and OTP EPROM emulation modes for user memory
  • Unique factory-programmed 64-bit ROM ID number
  • Communicates with host at up to 76.9kbps (overdrive only)
  • Operating range: 3.3V ±10%, -40°C to +85°C
  • ±8kV HBM ESD protection (typ) on IO pin
  • 3-pin SOT23 and 6-pin TSOC packages


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingFormat - MemoryMemory TypeAvailable Quantity
DS28E05P+ datasheet linkIC EEPROM 896BIT 1WIRE 6TSOCDS28E05P+IC EEPROM 896BIT 1WIRE 6TSOCTubeEEPROMs - SerialEEPROM1889 - Immediate
3600 - Factory Stock
DS28E05P+ product page link
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Published: 2013-12-12