M/A-COM's broadband amplifier is ideal for universal front-end customer-premises equipment

Image of Macom Technology Solutions' MAAM-011117

M/A-COM's MAAM-011117 is an innovative amplifier solution for customers who need a broadband, high performance solution for customer-premises equipment applications. Operating over a 50 - 2,700 MHz frequency bandwidth, this ‘green’ device incorporates a power-down function in order to minimize power consumption during stand-by. The MAAM-011117 is packaged in an 8-lead 2 mm x 2 mm plastic package that incorporates a number of off-chip components resulting in a highly-integrated solution for space-constrained front-ends. The amplifier delivers high gain of 16 dB, low noise of 2.7 dB, and very-low distortion performance; altogether providing the customers with a universal amplifier solution for easy and efficient front-end implementation.


  • Low power consumption: 5 V, 85 mA
  • 16 dB flat gain: 50 MHz - 2,700 MHz
  • Low Noise: 2.7 dB/li>
  • Power-down control: IDD < 4 mA
  • Current adjust


  • Cables
  • Terrestrials
  • Satellites

MAAM-011117 Amplifier

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
MAAM-011117-TR1000 datasheet link5V 75 OHM AMPLIFIER 50-2700 MHZMAAM-011117-TR10005V 75 OHM AMPLIFIER 50-2700 MHZ0MAAM-011117-TR1000 product page link
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Published: 2014-02-04