SunBrite™ Modular LED Lightbars

Lumex introduces cost-effective, high-performance modular LED lightbars

Image of Lumex's SunBrite™ Modular LED LightbarsLumex's SunBrite™ family of Modular LED Lightbar technologies combine high-performance, ease-of-installation, flexibility and cost savings. Unlike many alternative lighting technologies, the SunBrite LED Lightbar can be installed with ease, without the need to hire an electrician to open walls and install new wiring. Lumex’s SunBrite™ LEDs are ideal for under-cabinet, kitchen, bookshelf, cupboard, showcase, and accent and cove lighting applications.

  • Available in lengths of 6, 12 and 24 inches for extendable design solutions
  • Compatible connector cables available in 10”, 20” or 40” lengths to connect Lightbars to desired length
  • Mounting clips are available in standard format, 45˚ Angle format and Swivel format.
  • A specially designed transformer is available to allow for simplified installation and immediate wall plug-in.
  • For brightness control, a dimmer switch is available and effective on an entire line of connected light switches
  • Ultra-thin heat sink
  • CE, UL, IP60, and RoHS compliant
  • Warm, neutral and cool white colors are available in standard formats. Custom RGB technologies can also be created in any color.
  • Cabinet lighting
  • Under-cabinet lighting
  • Kitchen lighting
  • Garage lighting
  • Bookshelf illumination
  • Cupboard lighting
  • Showcase displays
  • Cove lighting

SunBrite Modular LED Lightbars

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionColorAvailable Quantity
SSP-LB06MW024K03 datasheet linkLED HB MODULESSP-LB06MW024K03LED HB MODULEWhite, Warm131 - Immediate
SSP-LB06MW024K03 product page link
SSP-LB12NW024K03 datasheet linkLED HB MODULESSP-LB12NW024K03LED HB MODULEWhite, Neutral199 - Immediate
SSP-LB12NW024K03 product page link
SSP-LB12UW024K03 datasheet linkLED HB MODULESSP-LB12UW024K03LED HB MODULEWhite, Cool187 - Immediate
SSP-LB12UW024K03 product page link
SSP-LB12MW024K03 datasheet linkLED HB MODULESSP-LB12MW024K03LED HB MODULEWhite, Warm184 - Immediate
SSP-LB12MW024K03 product page link
SSP-LB12MW024K05 datasheet linkLED HB MODULESSP-LB12MW024K05LED HB MODULEWhite, Warm196 - Immediate
SSP-LB12MW024K05 product page link
SSP-LB12NW024K05 datasheet linkLED HB MODULESSP-LB12NW024K05LED HB MODULEWhite, Neutral174 - Immediate
SSP-LB12NW024K05 product page link
SSP-LBK12MW024K03 datasheet linkLED HB MODULESSP-LBK12MW024K03LED HB MODULEWhite, Warm188 - Immediate
SSP-LBK12MW024K03 product page link
SSP-LB24UW024K07 datasheet linkLED HB MODULESSP-LB24UW024K07LED HB MODULEWhite, Cool179 - Immediate
SSP-LB24UW024K07 product page link
SSP-LB24MW024K10 datasheet linkLED HB MODULESSP-LB24MW024K10LED HB MODULEWhite, Warm157 - Immediate
SSP-LB24MW024K10 product page link
SSP-LB12UW024K05 datasheet linkLED HB MODULESSP-LB12UW024K05LED HB MODULEWhite, Cool99 - Immediate
SSP-LB12UW024K05 product page link
SSP-LB24USB24K10 datasheet linkLIGHT BAR 24" BLU 24V 120DEG 10WSSP-LB24USB24K10LIGHT BAR 24" BLU 24V 120DEG 10WBlue0SSP-LB24USB24K10 product page link
SSP-LB24SR24K10 datasheet linkLIGHT BAR 24" RED 24V 120DEG 10WSSP-LB24SR24K10LIGHT BAR 24" RED 24V 120DEG 10WRed0SSP-LB24SR24K10 product page link
Published: 2012-06-29