SunBrite™ Agricultural and Horticultural LED Lightbars

Agricultural and horticultural LED lightbars offering optimal plant growth stimulation

Image of Lumex's SunBrite™ Agricultural and Horticultural LED LightbarsLumex's exciting new LED lightbar technology can generate up to 93% more efficient light absorption, 50% space savings, and 80% cost savings compared to some HID technologies. Due to its efficient design, the SunBrite Agricultural LED Lightbars can be up to 20% more compact in size and 20% more cost-effective than alternative agricultural LED technologies. Academic research has demonstrated that optimal light exposure for chlorophyll absorption is obtained when plants are exposed to red (640 nm to 660 nm) and blue (450 nm to 460 nm) light sources. LEDs offer full spectral composition control, ensuring that nearly 100% of emitted light waves are fine tuned to match the absorption wavelengths.

  • Available in both red and blue wavelengths for diverse plant types and growing cycles
  • Enhanced efficiency in the area of reduced power consumption
  • Last up to 4x longer than HID technologies and reduce maintenance time requirements by up to 75%
  • RoHS and CE compliant
  • IP66 rated to protect against dust and water jets
  • Can be easily incorporated into programmable, digitally-controlled systems
  • Operating temperatures range from -20°C to 45°C
  • Mounting clips are available in vertical, 45°, or swivel formats
  • Transformers are available for easy-plug-and-play performance
  • Horticulture
  • Greenhouse
  • Gardening
  • Planting and Seeding

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Published: 2012-10-10