QuasarBrite™ LED Display

Lumex QuasarBrite high temperature, surface-mount, 7-segment, LED display

Image of Lumex's QuasarBrite™ LED DisplayLumex's QuasarBrite™ High Temperature Surface-Mount 7-Segment LED Display technology provides bright, crisp display performance in market-leading temperature ranges up to 105˚C. As a surface-mount technology compatible with lead-free soldering, the new technology can eliminate the need for the additional soldering step required with through-hole displays, saving time and reducing manual labor requirements by up to 80%.

Features Applications
  • Market-leading temperature range up to 105˚C
  • Available in sizes from 0.28" to 4" character height
  • Available in different colors
  • Compatible with standard drivers
  • Standard and commercial appliances
  • Medical devices
  • Industrial control devices
  • Military applications
  • Telecom equipment applications

QuasarBrite LED Display

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSize / DimensionAvailable Quantity
LDS-SMHTA304RISITR datasheet link7SEG DISPLAY 1DIGIT RED 0.3" CALDS-SMHTA304RISITR7SEG DISPLAY 1DIGIT RED 0.3" CA0.394" H x 0.287" W x 0.154" D (10.00mm x 7.30mm x 3.90mm)4574 - Immediate
LDS-SMHTA304RISITR product page link
LDD-SMHTM5602RISUG datasheet link7SEG DISPLAY 2DIGIT GRN 0.56" CALDD-SMHTM5602RISUG7SEG DISPLAY 2DIGIT GRN 0.56" CA0.669" H x 0.988" W x 0.154" D (17.00mm x 25.10mm x 3.90mm)729 - Immediate
LDD-SMHTM5602RISUG product page link
LDS-SMHTA5604RISIT datasheet link7SEG DISPLAY 1DIGIT RED 0.56" CALDS-SMHTA5604RISIT7SEG DISPLAY 1DIGIT RED 0.56" CA0.669" H x 0.492" W x 0.154" D (17.00mm x 12.50mm x 3.90mm)1412 - Immediate
LDS-SMHTA5604RISIT product page link
LDD-SMHTA304RISITR datasheet link7SEG DISPLAY 2DIGIT RED 0.3" CALDD-SMHTA304RISITR7SEG DISPLAY 2DIGIT RED 0.3" CA0.394" H x 0.583" W x 0.157" D (10.00mm x 14.80mm x 4.00mm)38 - Immediate
LDD-SMHTA304RISITR product page link
Published: 2012-08-06