UltraMOV 25S Varistor Series

A series of high-peak surge current radial lead varistors from Littelfuse

Image of Littelfuse's UltraMOV™ 25S Varistor SeriesLittelfuse UltraMOV™ 25S Varistor series are designed for applications requiring high peak surge current ratings and high-energy absorption capability. UltraMOV varistors are primarily intended for use in AC line voltage applications or other products that require voltage clamping of high transient surge currents.

These devices have 25 mm square forms and are produced in radial lead packages that are also offered with straight leads. UltraMOVs are manufactured with recognized epoxy encapsulation and are rated for ambient temperatures up to 85°C with no derating. The 25S series is LASER-branded and is supplied in bulk packaging.

  • High-peak surge current rating (ITM) 22 kA, single 8/20 μs pulse (25 mm)
  • 40 kA rating when two devices paralleled (VN(DC)) matched within ±5%
  • Standard operating voltage range compatible with common AC line voltages (115 VAC to 750 VAC)
  • Lead-free and RoHS compliant
  • Characterized for maximum standby current
  • Custom voltage types available
  • Standard lead form and lead space options
  • Surge protective devices (SPD)
  • Uninterruptable power supplies (UPS)
  • AC power taps and meters
  • Lightning
  • Inductive load and capacitor bank switching

UltraMOV 25S Varistor Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
V25S320P datasheet linkVARISTOR 510V 22KA RADIALV25S320PVARISTOR 510V 22KA RADIAL8331 - Immediate
V25S320P product page link
V25S300P datasheet linkVARISTOR 470V 22KA RADIALV25S300PVARISTOR 470V 22KA RADIAL1433 - Immediate
V25S300P product page link
V25S275P datasheet linkVARISTOR 430V 22KA RADIALV25S275PVARISTOR 430V 22KA RADIAL1621 - Immediate
V25S275P product page link
V25S510P datasheet linkVARISTOR 820V 22KA RADIALV25S510PVARISTOR 820V 22KA RADIAL1485 - Immediate
V25S510P product page link
V25S750P datasheet linkVARISTOR 1200V 22KA RADIALV25S750PVARISTOR 1200V 22KA RADIAL543 - Immediate
V25S750P product page link
V25S150P datasheet linkVARISTOR 240V 22KA RADIALV25S150PVARISTOR 240V 22KA RADIAL1137 - Immediate
V25S150P product page link
V25S550P datasheet linkVARISTOR 910V 22KA RADIALV25S550PVARISTOR 910V 22KA RADIAL1662 - Immediate
V25S550P product page link
V25S625P datasheet linkVARISTOR 1000V 22KA RADIALV25S625PVARISTOR 1000V 22KA RADIAL1 - Immediate
V25S625P product page link
V25S250P datasheet linkVARISTOR 390V 22KA RADIALV25S250PVARISTOR 390V 22KA RADIAL403 - Immediate
V25S250P product page link
V25S130P datasheet linkVARISTOR 205V 22KA RADIALV25S130PVARISTOR 205V 22KA RADIAL842 - Immediate
V25S130P product page link
V25S115P datasheet linkVARISTOR 180V 22KA RADIALV25S115PVARISTOR 180V 22KA RADIAL438 - Immediate
V25S115P product page link
V25S140P datasheet linkVARISTOR 220V 22KA RADIALV25S140PVARISTOR 220V 22KA RADIAL5 - Immediate
V25S140P product page link
V25S385P datasheet linkVARISTOR 620V 22KA RADIALV25S385PVARISTOR 620V 22KA RADIAL629 - Immediate
V25S385P product page link
V25S175P datasheet linkVARISTOR 270V 22KA RADIALV25S175PVARISTOR 270V 22KA RADIAL0V25S175P product page link
V25S175P datasheet linkVARISTOR 270V 22KA RADIALV25S175PVARISTOR 270V 22KA RADIAL450 - Immediate
V25S175P product page link
V25S230P datasheet linkVARISTOR 360V 22KA RADIALV25S230PVARISTOR 360V 22KA RADIAL0V25S230P product page link
V25S420P datasheet linkVARISTOR 680V 22KA RADIALV25S420PVARISTOR 680V 22KA RADIAL0V25S420P product page link
V25S440P datasheet linkVARISTOR 715V 22KA RADIALV25S440PVARISTOR 715V 22KA RADIAL0V25S440P product page link
V25S460P datasheet linkVARISTOR 750V 22KA RADIALV25S460PVARISTOR 750V 22KA RADIAL0V25S460P product page link
Published: 2011-02-23