TwinChip™ Series - DO-214

Low-capacitance SIDACtor® devices designed to protect broadband equipment from Littelfuse

Image of Littelfuse's TwinChip Series - Axial SidactorsTwinChip™ Series DO-214 are very low capacitance SIDACtor® devices designed to protect broadband equipment such as VoIP, DSL modems and DSLAMs from damaging overvoltage transients. This series provides a surface mount solution that enables equipment to comply with global regulatory standards, while limiting the impact to broadband signals.

Features and Benefits Applicable Global Standards
  • Low voltage overshoot
  • Low on-state voltage
  • Does not degrade surge capability after multiple surge events within limit
  • Low distortion
  • Fails short circuit when surged in excess of ratings
  • 40% lower than comparable product
  • 2nd level interconnect is Pb-free per IPC/JEDECJ-STD-609A.01
  • TIA/968-A
  • ITU K.20/21
  • IEC 61000-4-5
  • GR 1089 Intra-building
  • YD/T 1082
  • YD/T 993
  • YD/T 950

TwinChip Series - Axial Sidactors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionVoltage - BreakoverVoltage - Off StateAvailable Quantity
P6002SALRP datasheet linkSIDACTOR BI 550V 150A DO214AAP6002SALRPSIDACTOR BI 550V 150A DO214AA700V550V5879 - Immediate
P6002SALRP product page link
P4802SALRP datasheet linkSIDACTOR BI 440V 150A DO214AAP4802SALRPSIDACTOR BI 440V 150A DO214AA600V440V2465 - Immediate
P4802SALRP product page link
P0722SALRP datasheet linkSIDACTOR BI 65V 150A DO214AAP0722SALRPSIDACTOR BI 65V 150A DO214AA88V65V2410 - Immediate
P0722SALRP product page link
P0642SALRP datasheet linkSIDACTOR BI 58V 150A DO-214AAP0642SALRPSIDACTOR BI 58V 150A DO-214AA77V58V2113 - Immediate
P0642SALRP product page link
P3002SBLRP datasheet linkSIDACTOR BI 280V 250A DO214AAP3002SBLRPSIDACTOR BI 280V 250A DO214AA360V280V4913 - Immediate
P3002SBLRP product page link
P0722SBLRP datasheet linkSIDACTOR BI 65V 250A DO214P0722SBLRPSIDACTOR BI 65V 250A DO21488V65V2630 - Immediate
P0722SBLRP product page link
P3502SBLRP datasheet linkSIDACTOR BI 320V 250A DO214AAP3502SBLRPSIDACTOR BI 320V 250A DO214AA400V320V1987 - Immediate
P3502SBLRP product page link
P0902SBLRP datasheet linkSIDACTOR BI 75V 250A DO214P0902SBLRPSIDACTOR BI 75V 250A DO21498V75V1863 - Immediate
P0902SBLRP product page link
P4202SALRP datasheet linkSIDACTOR BI 380V 150A DO214AAP4202SALRPSIDACTOR BI 380V 150A DO214AA500V380V712 - Immediate
P4202SALRP product page link
P2602SBLRP datasheet linkSIDACTOR BI 220V 250A DO214AAP2602SBLRPSIDACTOR BI 220V 250A DO214AA300V220V190 - Immediate
P2602SBLRP product page link
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Published: 2009-04-21