SPF Series Fuses-LPHV Series Midget Fuse Holder

Littelfuse SPF series 1000 VDC solar fuses specifically designed for photovoltaic systems

Image of Littelfuse's SPF Series Fuses/LPHV Series Midget Fuse HolderLittelfuse SPF series was specifically designed for photovoltaic (PV) systems. This family of midget fuses, measuring 10 x 38 mm, can safely protect PV modules and their conductors from reverse overcurrent conditions despite the associated challenges of DC power.

The LPHV midget fuse holder is a touch-safe design that mounts quickly onto 35 mm din rail, decreasing panel layout and assembly time. It has been self-certified to stringent Littelfuse standards for applications upwards of 1000 VDC when used with the Littelfuse SPF series.

SPF Series Features

  • UL recognized 1000 VDC maximum
  • 13 A ratings for flexible design
  • 20 kA interrupting rating
  • High performance in compact 10 x 38 mm size
  • Touch safe DIN rail holder available
  • PCB leaded version available

LPHV Series Features

  • 1000 VDC rating when used with Littelfuse
  • SPF or FLU midget fuse series
  • 30 A rated
  • Mountable on 35 mm din rail
  • Safe and easy installation and removal of fuses
  • No special fuse pullers or tools required
  • Compact design
  • RoHS compliant and Pb free

SPF Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
0SPF008.T datasheet linkFUSE CARTRIDGE 8A 1KVDC 5AG0SPF008.TFUSE CARTRIDGE 8A 1KVDC 5AG112 - Immediate
0SPF008.T product page link
0SPF030.T datasheet linkFUSE CARTRIDGE 30A 1KVDC 5AG0SPF030.TFUSE CARTRIDGE 30A 1KVDC 5AG61 - Immediate
0SPF030.T product page link
0SPF005.T datasheet linkFUSE CARTRIDGE 5A 1KVDC 5AG0SPF005.TFUSE CARTRIDGE 5A 1KVDC 5AG33 - Immediate
0SPF005.T product page link
0SPF020.T datasheet linkFUSE CARTRIDGE 20A 1KVDC 5AG0SPF020.TFUSE CARTRIDGE 20A 1KVDC 5AG25 - Immediate
0SPF020.T product page link
0SPF010.T datasheet linkFUSE CARTRIDGE 10A 1KVDC 5AG0SPF010.TFUSE CARTRIDGE 10A 1KVDC 5AG9 - Immediate
0SPF010.T product page link
0SPF025.T datasheet linkFUSE CARTRIDGE 25A 1KVDC 5AG0SPF025.TFUSE CARTRIDGE 25A 1KVDC 5AG78 - Immediate
0SPF025.T product page link
0SPF002.T datasheet linkFUSE CARTRIDGE 2A 1KVDC 5AG0SPF002.TFUSE CARTRIDGE 2A 1KVDC 5AG35 - Immediate
0SPF002.T product page link
0SPF003.T datasheet linkFUSE CARTRIDGE 3A 1KVDC 5AG0SPF003.TFUSE CARTRIDGE 3A 1KVDC 5AG28 - Immediate
0SPF003.T product page link
0SPF001.T datasheet linkFUSE CARTRIDGE 1A 1KVDC 5AG0SPF001.TFUSE CARTRIDGE 1A 1KVDC 5AG19 - Immediate
0SPF001.T product page link
0SPF012.T datasheet linkFUSE CARTRIDGE 12A 1KVDC 5AG0SPF012.TFUSE CARTRIDGE 12A 1KVDC 5AG9 - Immediate
0SPF012.T product page link
LPHV0001Z datasheet linkFUSE HLDR CART 1000V 30A DINRAILLPHV0001ZFUSE HLDR CART 1000V 30A DINRAIL0LPHV0001Z product page link
0SPF004.T datasheet linkFUSE CARTRIDGE 4A 1KVDC 5AG0SPF004.TFUSE CARTRIDGE 4A 1KVDC 5AG00SPF004.T product page link
Published: 2011-02-23