SPF Series Fuses-LPHV Series Midget Fuse Holder

Littelfuse SPF series 1000 VDC solar fuses specifically designed for photovoltaic systems

Image of Littelfuse's SPF Series Fuses/LPHV Series Midget Fuse HolderLittelfuse SPF series was specifically designed for photovoltaic (PV) systems. This family of midget fuses, measuring 10 x 38 mm, can safely protect PV modules and their conductors from reverse overcurrent conditions despite the associated challenges of DC power.

The LPHV midget fuse holder is a touch-safe design that mounts quickly onto 35 mm din rail, decreasing panel layout and assembly time. It has been self-certified to stringent Littelfuse standards for applications upwards of 1000 VDC when used with the Littelfuse SPF series.

SPF Series Features

  • UL recognized 1000 VDC maximum
  • 13 A ratings for flexible design
  • 20 kA interrupting rating
  • High performance in compact 10 x 38 mm size
  • Touch safe DIN rail holder available
  • PCB leaded version available

LPHV Series Features

  • 1000 VDC rating when used with Littelfuse
  • SPF or FLU midget fuse series
  • 30 A rated
  • Mountable on 35 mm din rail
  • Safe and easy installation and removal of fuses
  • No special fuse pullers or tools required
  • Compact design
  • RoHS compliant and Pb free

SPF Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
LPHV0001Z datasheet linkFUSE HLDR CART 1000V 30A DINRAILLPHV0001ZFUSE HLDR CART 1000V 30A DINRAIL192 - Immediate
LPHV0001Z product page link
0SPF008.T datasheet linkFUSE CARTRIDGE 8A 1KVDC 5AG0SPF008.TFUSE CARTRIDGE 8A 1KVDC 5AG112 - Immediate
0SPF008.T product page link
0SPF030.T datasheet linkFUSE CARTRIDGE 30A 1KVDC 5AG0SPF030.TFUSE CARTRIDGE 30A 1KVDC 5AG61 - Immediate
0SPF030.T product page link
0SPF010.T datasheet linkFUSE CARTRIDGE 10A 1KVDC 5AG0SPF010.TFUSE CARTRIDGE 10A 1KVDC 5AG49 - Immediate
0SPF010.T product page link
0SPF020.T datasheet linkFUSE CARTRIDGE 20A 1KVDC 5AG0SPF020.TFUSE CARTRIDGE 20A 1KVDC 5AG45 - Immediate
0SPF020.T product page link
0SPF005.T datasheet linkFUSE CARTRIDGE 5A 1KVDC 5AG0SPF005.TFUSE CARTRIDGE 5A 1KVDC 5AG33 - Immediate
0SPF005.T product page link
0SPF025.T datasheet linkFUSE CARTRIDGE 25A 1KVDC 5AG0SPF025.TFUSE CARTRIDGE 25A 1KVDC 5AG78 - Immediate
0SPF025.T product page link
0SPF002.T datasheet linkFUSE CARTRIDGE 2A 1KVDC 5AG0SPF002.TFUSE CARTRIDGE 2A 1KVDC 5AG35 - Immediate
0SPF002.T product page link
0SPF001.T datasheet linkFUSE CARTRIDGE 1A 1KVDC 5AG0SPF001.TFUSE CARTRIDGE 1A 1KVDC 5AG19 - Immediate
0SPF001.T product page link
0SPF003.T datasheet linkFUSE CARTRIDGE 3A 1KVDC 5AG0SPF003.TFUSE CARTRIDGE 3A 1KVDC 5AG18 - Immediate
0SPF003.T product page link
0SPF012.T datasheet linkFUSE CARTRIDGE 12A 1KVDC 5AG0SPF012.TFUSE CARTRIDGE 12A 1KVDC 5AG9 - Immediate
0SPF012.T product page link
0SPF004.T datasheet linkFUSE CARTRIDGE 4A 1KVDC 5AG0SPF004.TFUSE CARTRIDGE 4A 1KVDC 5AG00SPF004.T product page link
Published: 2011-02-23