SDP Series SOT23-5, SIDACtor Protection Thyristors

Littelfuse SDP series thyristors offer low-capacitance DSL tertiary and general I/O protection functions

Image of Littelfuse's SDP Series SOT23-5, SIDACtor Protection ThyristorsThe new Littelfuse SIDACtor series is targeted for the tertiary or line-driver side-protection position for VDSL2+, ADSL2 applications and general I/O protection functions. This new low-capacitance, over-voltage protection does not require a bias voltage and is sufficiently robust for the chip-side position behind the coupling transformer.

This SOT23-5 solution, with its flow-through design, minimizes PCB trace-layout routing, while its four different stand-off voltage values offer compatibility with a variety of line drivers. Its low capacitance makes it compatible with ADSL2 and VDSL2, and the 30 MHz bandplan of VDSL2+.

Applications include tertiary protection, line-driver side protection, ADSL2 protection, VDSL2+, and Ethernet interface protection.

Features and Benefits
  • Lower overshooting protection than clamping
  • SOT23-5 surface-mount package
  • Low insertion loss
  • Low capacitance
  • Bidirectional transient voltage protection
  • Robust surge rating
  • Starts to switch in nanoseconds
  • RoHS compliant

SDP Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
SDP0240T023G6RP datasheet linkTHYRISTOR G.FAST 19V 30A SOT23-6SDP0240T023G6RPTHYRISTOR G.FAST 19V 30A SOT23-66785 - Immediate
SDP0240T023G6RP product page link
SDP0080T023G5RP datasheet linkTHYRISTOR G.FAST 8V 50A SC74ASDP0080T023G5RPTHYRISTOR G.FAST 8V 50A SC74A8219 - Immediate
SDP0080T023G5RP product page link
SDP0240T023G5RP datasheet linkTHYRISTOR G.FAST 24V 50A SC74ASDP0240T023G5RPTHYRISTOR G.FAST 24V 50A SC74A567 - Immediate
SDP0240T023G5RP product page link
SDP0180T023G5RP datasheet linkTHYRISTOR G.FAST 18V 50A SC74ASDP0180T023G5RPTHYRISTOR G.FAST 18V 50A SC74A0SDP0180T023G5RP product page link
SDP0120T023G5RP datasheet linkTHYRISTOR G.FAST 12V 70A SC74ASDP0120T023G5RPTHYRISTOR G.FAST 12V 70A SC74A0SDP0120T023G5RP product page link
Published: 2013-08-14