PLEDxSW White Body Open LED Protectors

Open LED protector from Littelfuse enhances reliability of LED strings

Image of Littelfuse's PLEDxSW White Body Open LED ProtectorsThe PLEDxSW series open LED protector from Littelfuse provides an electronic shunt path when an LED in an LED string fails as an open circuit. PLED devices are connected in parallel with each LED in a series string. If one LED fails as an open circuit, the PLED connected to it turns on and carries the current that would have gone through the failed LED. This keeps the rest of the string operating, so only a single LED goes dark rather than the whole string. The PLEDxSW has a molded white body that reflects more light to enhance overall light engine efficiency and is compatible with 1-, 2-, and 3-watt LEDs. Their low-profile, small-footprint package dissipates heat efficiently, so they’re ideal for use in dense board applications.

  • Molded white body open LED protector
  • Electronic shunt/bypass for open LEDs
  • Small-footprint, low-profile DO-214AA package
  • Automatically resets if LED heals itself or the power is cycled
  • RoHS compliant
  • Protector is less visible in the LED fixture; reflects more light to enhance overall light engine efficiency
  • Remainder of LED string can continue to function even if one LED fails as an open circuit
  • Standard SMB package provides layout flexibility; maximum heat dissipation makes it ideal for dense board applications
  • Low maintenance, high reliability
  • Environmentally-friendly product

PLEDxSW Open LED Protectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionVoltage - WorkingVoltage - ClampingAvailable Quantity
PLED18SW datasheet linkLED PROTECTOR BI 18V DO214 2LPLED18SWLED PROTECTOR BI 18V DO214 2L18V33V2500 - Immediate
PLED18SW product page link
PLED6SW datasheet linkLED PROTECTOR BI 6V DO214 2LPLED6SWLED PROTECTOR BI 6V DO214 2L6V16V5000 - Immediate
PLED6SW product page link
PLED9SW datasheet linkLED PROTECTOR BI 9V DO214 2LPLED9SWLED PROTECTOR BI 9V DO214 2L9V18V2959 - Immediate
PLED9SW product page link
PLED13SW datasheet linkLED PROTECTOR BI 13V DO214 2LPLED13SWLED PROTECTOR BI 13V DO214 2L13V26V1397 - Immediate
PLED13SW product page link
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Published: 2014-05-12