Multilayer Varistor Series

Littelfuse and Digi-Key introduce the Multilayer Varistor series

Multilayer Varistor Series

The Littelfuse Multilayer (ML) series of transient voltage surge suppressors represents a breakthrough in the area of semiconducting ceramic processing. The ML suppressor is a compact, surface mountable chip that is voltage dependent, nonlinear, and bidirectional. It has an electrical behavior similar to that of a back-to-back diode, i.e. it is inherently fully symmetrical, offering protection in both forward and reverse directions. The sharp, symmetrical breakdown characteristics of the devices provide excellent protection from damaging voltage transients. When exposed to high voltage transients, the ML impedance changes many orders of magnitude from a near open circuit to a highly conductive state.

The Multilayer High–Speed MHS series is a very-low capacitance extension to the Littelfuse ML family of transient voltage surge suppression devices available in 0402 and 0603 size surface mount chips. The MHS series provides protection from ESD and EFT in high–speed data line and other high frequency applications. The low capacitance of the MHS series permits usage in analog or digital circuits where it will not attenuate or distort the desired signal or data.

ML Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
V14MLA0402NR datasheet linkVARISTOR 18.7V 20A 0402V14MLA0402NRVARISTOR 18.7V 20A 040210000 - Immediate
V14MLA0402NR product page link
V14MLA0805LH datasheet linkVARISTOR 18.1V 40A 0805V14MLA0805LHVARISTOR 18.1V 40A 080527500 - Immediate
V14MLA0805LH product page link
V16MLA0603NH datasheet linkVARISTOR 0603V16MLA0603NHVARISTOR 06032500 - Immediate
V16MLA0603NH product page link
V18MLE0603LNH datasheet linkVARISTOR 25V 0603V18MLE0603LNHVARISTOR 25V 06032500 - Immediate
V18MLE0603LNH product page link
V14MLA0805NH datasheet linkVARISTOR 18.1V 120A 0805V14MLA0805NHVARISTOR 18.1V 120A 08052500 - Immediate
V14MLA0805NH product page link
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MHS Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
V0402MHS03NR datasheet linkVARISTOR 135V 0402V0402MHS03NRVARISTOR 135V 0402116889 - Immediate
V0402MHS03NR product page link
V0603MHS12NH datasheet linkVARISTOR 55V 0603V0603MHS12NHVARISTOR 55V 060323466 - Immediate
V0603MHS12NH product page link
V0603MHS22NH datasheet linkVARISTOR 30V 0603V0603MHS22NHVARISTOR 30V 060320122 - Immediate
V0603MHS22NH product page link
V0603MHS03NH datasheet linkVARISTOR 135V 0603V0603MHS03NHVARISTOR 135V 06038160 - Immediate
V0603MHS03NH product page link
V0402MHS12NR datasheet linkVARISTOR 55V 0402V0402MHS12NRVARISTOR 55V 040224535 - Immediate
V0402MHS12NR product page link
V0603MHS03NR datasheet linkVARISTOR 135V 0603V0603MHS03NRVARISTOR 135V 06037184 - Immediate
V0603MHS03NR product page link
V0402MHS22NR datasheet linkVARISTOR 30V 0402V0402MHS22NRVARISTOR 30V 04027135 - Immediate
V0402MHS22NR product page link
Published: 2012-06-29