LV UltraMOV™ Series Low Voltage / High Surge Varistors

Littelfuse's LV UltraMOV™ offers superior peak surge current rating, the most robust rating in the market

Image of Littelfuse's LV UltraMOV™ Series Low Voltage / High Surge VaristorsLittelfuse's LV UltraMOV™ Series low voltage high surge varistor offers 4 times greater surge withstanding capability than existing technologies on the market today. Its new, proprietary formulation can provide higher surge ratings with a smaller volume of material used per energy unit. Circuit designers can reduce part counts based on the total surge level, reducing the footprint and volume required for surge protection. Metal Oxide Varistors PTM

LV UltraMOV Brochure Image
4X Surge Rating/Smaller Package


  • Breakthrough in low-voltage varistor design provides high-peak surge current rating
  • Reduced footprint and volume required for surge protection
  • High-energy absorption capability
  • High-resistance to temperature cycling
  • Optional phenolic coating
  • Lead-free, halogen-free, and RoHS compliant


  • Telecom power systems
  • Surge protection devices
  • Automation controls
  • Audio devices
  • Security systems
  • Wireless base stations

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionVaristor Voltage (Min)Varistor Voltage (Typ)Available QuantityBuy Now
VARISTOR 19.8V 2KA DISC 10MMV10E14PVARISTOR 19.8V 2KA DISC 10MM19.8V22V5154 - Immediate
VARISTOR 61.2V 500A DISC 5MMV05E40PVARISTOR 61.2V 500A DISC 5MM61.2V68V1274 - Immediate
VARISTOR 35.1V 1KA DISC 7MMV07E25PVARISTOR 35.1V 1KA DISC 7MM35.1V39V1109 - Immediate
VARISTOR 16.2V 4KA DISC 14MMV14E11PVARISTOR 16.2V 4KA DISC 14MM16.2V18V1285 - Immediate
VARISTOR 50.4V 8KA DISC 20MMV20E35PVARISTOR 50.4V 8KA DISC 20MM50.4V56V1500 - Immediate
VARISTOR 24.3V 8KA DISC 20MMV20E17PVARISTOR 24.3V 8KA DISC 20MM24.3V27V1493 - Immediate
VARISTOR 32.4V 8KA DISC 20MMV20E23PVARISTOR 32.4V 8KA DISC 20MM32.4V36V1380 - Immediate
VARISTOR 19.8V 8KA DISC 20MMV20E14PVARISTOR 19.8V 8KA DISC 20MM19.8V22V1135 - Immediate
VARISTOR 16.2V 500A DISC 5MMV05E11PVARISTOR 16.2V 500A DISC 5MM16.2V18V3457 - Immediate
VARISTOR 19.8V 500A DISC 5MMV05E14PVARISTOR 19.8V 500A DISC 5MM19.8V22V2756 - Immediate
VARISTOR 16.2V 1KA DISC 7MMV07E11PVARISTOR 16.2V 1KA DISC 7MM16.2V18V3060 - Immediate
VARISTOR 24.3V 1KA DISC 7MMV07E17PVARISTOR 24.3V 1KA DISC 7MM24.3V27V1445 - Immediate
VARISTOR 50.4V 1KA DISC 7MMV07E35PVARISTOR 50.4V 1KA DISC 7MM50.4V56V1420 - Immediate
VARISTOR 29.7V 1KA DISC 7MMV07E20PVARISTOR 29.7V 1KA DISC 7MM29.7V33V1415 - Immediate
VARISTOR 24.3V 2KA DISC 10MMV10E17PVARISTOR 24.3V 2KA DISC 10MM24.3V27V1053 - Immediate
VARISTOR 19.8V 4KA DISC 14MMV14E14PVARISTOR 19.8V 4KA DISC 14MM19.8V22V1782 - Immediate
VARISTOR 24.3V 500A DISC 5MMV05E17PVARISTOR 24.3V 500A DISC 5MM24.3V27V1293 - Immediate
VARISTOR 19.8V 1KA DISC 7MMV07E14PVARISTOR 19.8V 1KA DISC 7MM19.8V22V4189 - Immediate
VARISTOR 16.2V 2KA DISC 10MMV10E11PVARISTOR 16.2V 2KA DISC 10MM16.2V18V4624 - Immediate
VARISTOR 42.3V 500A DISC 5MMV05E30PVARISTOR 42.3V 500A DISC 5MM42.3V47V835 - Immediate
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Published: 2013-09-16