Lo Rho Series Low Resistance SMD PPTCs

Littelfuse Polyfuse® resettable PPTCs with ultra low operating resistance

Image of Littelfuse's Lo Rho Series Low Resistance SMD PPTCsPPTC (polymer positive temperature coefficient) fuses limit unsafe currents while allowing constant safe current levels. They can automatically reset when the current and temperature return to safe levels. The Littelfuse SL Series of Lo Rho PPTCs further minimize power consumption during operation, making them ideal for applications where minimum power consumptions and miniaturization are critical.

Features Applications
  • Fast response to fault currents
  • Automatically resettable
  • Low resistance at normal operating hold current
  • Thin profile: <0.75mm
  • Available in various footprint and current ratings
  • Compatible with high temperature solders
  • Battery packs
  • Cell phones
  • MP3 players
  • Cameras
  • PDAs
  • Computer peripherals

Lo Rho Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
1206L150SLYR datasheet linkPTC RESETBL 6V 1206 1.50A LOW-R1206L150SLYRPTC RESETBL 6V 1206 1.50A LOW-R4627 - Immediate
1206L150SLYR product page link
0805L075SLYR datasheet linkPTC RESETTABLE 6V 0.75A LOR 08050805L075SLYRPTC RESETTABLE 6V 0.75A LOR 08056926 - Immediate
0805L075SLYR product page link
1206L300SLWR datasheet linkPTC RESETTABLE 6V 3A LOR 12061206L300SLWRPTC RESETTABLE 6V 3A LOR 120614944 - Immediate
1206L300SLWR product page link
0805L110SLYR datasheet linkPTC RESETBL 6V 0805 1.10A LOW-R0805L110SLYRPTC RESETBL 6V 0805 1.10A LOW-R15503 - Immediate
0805L110SLYR product page link
1210L200SLYR datasheet linkPTC RESETBL 6V 1210 2A LOW-R1210L200SLYRPTC RESETBL 6V 1210 2A LOW-R4431 - Immediate
1210L200SLYR product page link
1812L350SLPR datasheet linkPTC RESETBL 6V 3.5A 18121812L350SLPRPTC RESETBL 6V 3.5A 18122594 - Immediate
1812L350SLPR product page link
1210L350SL-SYR datasheet linkFUSE RESETTABLE PTC 3.5A 6V SMD1210L350SL-SYRFUSE RESETTABLE PTC 3.5A 6V SMD4827 - Immediate
1210L350SL-SYR product page link
1206L110SLYR datasheet linkPTC RESETBL 6V 1206 1.10A LOW-R1206L110SLYRPTC RESETBL 6V 1206 1.10A LOW-R3297 - Immediate
1206L110SLYR product page link
0402L020SLKR datasheet linkPTC RESETBLE 6V .200A LOW-R 04020402L020SLKRPTC RESETBLE 6V .200A LOW-R 04027479 - Immediate
0402L020SLKR product page link
0402L035SLKR datasheet linkPTC RESETBLE 6V .350A LOW-R 04020402L035SLKRPTC RESETBLE 6V .350A LOW-R 04023130 - Immediate
0402L035SLKR product page link
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Published: 2012-10-29