Flat Hall Effect Sensors

55300 Series Flat Pack Rotary Hall Sensor

55300 Series Flat Pack Rotary Hall SensorHamlin’s flat pack sensor allows 360 degree angular sensing with features such as a long lifetime, no wear components, very-high speed detection, unaffected by harsh environments, and compact robust sealed package. The 55300 series flat Hall sensor is perfect for shaft position and RPM, level sensing, and other non-contact measurement when magnetic switches cannot be used.

Features Applications
  • 360° Angular sensing range
  • Absolute rotary position sensing
  • Analog output
  • Non-contact measuring
  • EMC protection
  • Absolute rotary encoding
  • Pedal position
  • Shaft position
  • Lever position
  • Float level sensing
  • Non-contact potentiometer
Flat Hall Effect Sensors
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55300-00-02-AFLAT PK ROTARY HALL SENSOR292 - Immediate
Published: 2013-07-05