FKS ATO Style Blade 32 V Rated Fuse

Featuring three part construction with copper contacts - Now Available at Digi-Key

Image of Littelfuse's FKS ATO® Style Blade 32V Rated FuseThe Littelfuse FKS-32 is an ATO style blade fuse rated at 32 V, featuring three part construction with copper contacts for excellent reliability in harsh-environment conditions and low voltage drop. Current ratings are 0.5 A thru 40 A with see-through covers for easy detection of blown fuses.


  • Insulating body: Out of thermoplastic (UL 94-V0, heat resistant)
  • Cover: Out of thermoplastic (V0, transparent), visibly see melting-element
  • Connections: Blade contacts, copper alloy, gal. Sn, edge-protected
  • Breaking capacity: 1,000 A, 32 VDC

FKS ATO Style Blade 32 V Rated Fuse

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
162.6185.4402 datasheet linkFUSE AUTO 4A 32VDC BLADE ATO/ATC162.6185.4402FUSE AUTO 4A 32VDC BLADE ATO/ATC0162.6185.4402 product page link
164.6185.5152 datasheet linkFUSE AUTOMOTIVE 15A 32VDC BLADE164.6185.5152FUSE AUTOMOTIVE 15A 32VDC BLADE8 - Immediate
164.6185.5152 product page link
162.6185.4502 datasheet linkFUSE AUTO 5A 32VDC BLADE ATO/ATC162.6185.4502FUSE AUTO 5A 32VDC BLADE ATO/ATC0162.6185.4502 product page link
162.6185.4302 datasheet linkFUSE AUTO 3A 32VDC BLADE ATO/ATC162.6185.4302FUSE AUTO 3A 32VDC BLADE ATO/ATC0162.6185.4302 product page link
164.6185.5302 datasheet linkFUSE AUTOMOTIVE 30A 32VDC BLADE164.6185.5302FUSE AUTOMOTIVE 30A 32VDC BLADE0164.6185.5302 product page link
162.6185.4202 datasheet linkFUSE AUTO 2A 32VDC BLADE162.6185.4202FUSE AUTO 2A 32VDC BLADE0162.6185.4202 product page link
164.6185.5252 datasheet linkFUSE AUTOMOTIVE 25A 32VDC BLADE164.6185.5252FUSE AUTOMOTIVE 25A 32VDC BLADE0164.6185.5252 product page link
164.6185.5202 datasheet linkFUSE AUTOMOTIVE 20A 32VDC BLADE164.6185.5202FUSE AUTOMOTIVE 20A 32VDC BLADE0164.6185.5202 product page link
164.6185.5102 datasheet linkFUSE AUTOMOTIVE 10A 32VDC BLADE164.6185.5102FUSE AUTOMOTIVE 10A 32VDC BLADE0164.6185.5102 product page link
162.6185.5402 datasheet linkFUSE AUTOMOTIVE 40A 32VDC BLADE162.6185.5402FUSE AUTOMOTIVE 40A 32VDC BLADE0162.6185.5402 product page link
162.6185.4102 datasheet linkFUSE AUTO 1A 32VDC BLADE162.6185.4102FUSE AUTO 1A 32VDC BLADE0162.6185.4102 product page link
Published: 2009-12-11