FBMOV Series Type 1 SPD Varistors

Littelfuse fused-body varistors provide complete overvoltage circuit protection

Image of Littelfuse's FBMOV Series Type 1 SPD VaristorsThe Littelfuse FBMOV Series offers complete overvoltage circuit protection in a single, compact configuration helping customers simplify their designs and reduce cost. The Littelfuse varistor surge protection fuse, combined with a varistor, offers non-fragmenting protection when subjected to high fault current (up to 200 kA). The integrated, thermally activated element opens quickly in the event of overheating during abnormal overvoltage, limited current, and intermediate current condition. The element offers quick response because of its close proximity to the MOV body.


  • A complete overvoltage circuit protection solution and compact package to help customer simplify design and save mounting space
  • High surge density device: 40 kA single 8/20 surge
  • Fault current capability up to 200,000 A without external protection
  • Capable for clearing limited current, intermediate current, and short circuit current, in the condition of abnormal sustained overvoltage condition
  • Suitable for type 1 SPD application
  • Standard operating voltage range up to 750 VAC
  • RoHS compliant
  • UL 1449 short circuit current rating test selection 39.2
  • UL 1449 intermediate current test selection 39.3
  • UL 1449 limited current abnormal over voltage test selection 39.4


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusVaristor Voltage (Min)Available Quantity
FBMOV150M datasheet linkVARISTOR 240V 40KA CYLINDERFBMOV150MVARISTOR 240V 40KA CYLINDERActive216V192 - Immediate
FBMOV150M product page link
FBMOV130M datasheet linkVARISTOR 205V 40KA CYLINDERFBMOV130MVARISTOR 205V 40KA CYLINDERActive184.5V6 - Immediate
FBMOV130M product page link
FBMOV275M datasheet linkVARISTOR 430V 40KA CYLINDERFBMOV275MVARISTOR 430V 40KA CYLINDERActive387V28 - Immediate
FBMOV275M product page link
FBMOV175M datasheet linkVARISTOR 270V 40KA CYLINDERFBMOV175MVARISTOR 270V 40KA CYLINDERActive243V4 - Immediate
FBMOV175M product page link
FBMOV230M datasheet linkVARISTOR 360V 40KA CYLINDERFBMOV230MVARISTOR 360V 40KA CYLINDERActive324V4 - Immediate
FBMOV230M product page link
FBMOV460M datasheet linkVARISTOR 750V 40KA CYLINDERFBMOV460MVARISTOR 750V 40KA CYLINDERActive675V4 - Immediate
FBMOV460M product page link
FBMOV440M datasheet linkVARISTOR 715V 40KA CYLINDERFBMOV440MVARISTOR 715V 40KA CYLINDERActive643V4 - Immediate
FBMOV440M product page link
FBMOV550M datasheet linkVARISTOR 910V 40KA CYLINDERFBMOV550MVARISTOR 910V 40KA CYLINDERActive819V4 - Immediate
FBMOV550M product page link
FBMOV510M datasheet linkVARISTOR 820V 40KA CYLINDERFBMOV510MVARISTOR 820V 40KA CYLINDERActive738V4 - Immediate
FBMOV510M product page link
FBMOV420M datasheet linkVARISTOR 680V 40KA CYLINDERFBMOV420MVARISTOR 680V 40KA CYLINDERActive612V2 - Immediate
FBMOV420M product page link
Published: 2013-01-04