Compact 3.6 mm x 10 mm Single Pigtail Fuse

875 and 877 series space-saving, compact footprint fuses

Image of Littelfuse's Compact 3.6 mm x 10 mm Single Pigtail FuseThe Littelfuse 875 and 877 Series optimize their compact footprint by doing away with the conventional over-capping leads by using a direct weld production method. This series also offers high I2T values. Typically used in power supply and adapter applications, the 875 series is designed in accordance to UL/CSA 248 standard and the 877 series is designed in accordance to IEC 60127-3 standard. They are suitable for end applications that are more susceptible to higher frequencies of surges/transients.

Features Applications
  • RoHS compliant
  • UL and VDE approval (series specific)
  • Higher I2T values
  • No over-capping on pigtail leads
  • Power supplies
  • Adapters
Electrical Characteristics
Series % of Ampere Rating Opening Time
875 100% 4 hours, minimum
875 200% 60 seconds, maximum
877 150% 60 minutes, minimum
877 210% 2 minutes, maximum
877 275% 400 ms, minimum; 10 seconds, maximum
877 400% 150 ms, minimum; 3 seconds, maximum
877 1000% 20 ms, minimum; 150 ms, maximum

875 Series UL/CSA Approved

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusFuse TypeAvailable Quantity
0875.500MXEP datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 500MA 250VAC AXIAL0875.500MXEPFUSE CERAMIC 500MA 250VAC AXIALActiveCartridge, Ceramic2705 - Immediate
0875.500MXEP product page link
0875005.MXEP datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 5A 250VAC AXIAL0875005.MXEPFUSE CERAMIC 5A 250VAC AXIALActiveCartridge, Ceramic2650 - Immediate
0875005.MXEP product page link
0875001.MXEP datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 1A 250VAC AXIAL0875001.MXEPFUSE CERAMIC 1A 250VAC AXIALActiveCartridge, Ceramic169 - Immediate
0875001.MXEP product page link
0875003.MXEP datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 3A 250VAC AXIAL0875003.MXEPFUSE CERAMIC 3A 250VAC AXIALActiveCartridge, Ceramic997 - Immediate
0875003.MXEP product page link
087502.5MXEP datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 2.5A 250VAC AXIAL087502.5MXEPFUSE CERAMIC 2.5A 250VAC AXIALActiveCartridge, Ceramic360 - Immediate
087502.5MXEP product page link
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877 Series IEC Approved

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusFuse TypeAvailable Quantity
0877002.MXEP datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 2A 250VAC AXIAL0877002.MXEPFUSE CERAMIC 2A 250VAC AXIALActiveCartridge, Ceramic6466 - Immediate
0877002.MXEP product page link
08773.15MXEP datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 3.15A 250VAC AXIAL08773.15MXEPFUSE CERAMIC 3.15A 250VAC AXIALActiveCartridge, Ceramic3658 - Immediate
08773.15MXEP product page link
087706.3MXEP datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 6.3A 250VAC AXIAL087706.3MXEPFUSE CERAMIC 6.3A 250VAC AXIALActiveCartridge, Ceramic2630 - Immediate
087706.3MXEP product page link
0877004.MXEP datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 4A 250VAC AXIAL0877004.MXEPFUSE CERAMIC 4A 250VAC AXIALActiveCartridge, Ceramic815 - Immediate
0877004.MXEP product page link
FUSE CERAMIC 2A 250VAC AXIAL0877002.MXSSLPF38PFUSE CERAMIC 2A 250VAC AXIALActiveCartridge, Ceramic00877002.MXSSLPF38P product page link
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Published: 2009-12-12