807 Series Fuses

807 series TE time-lag fuses from Littelfuse offer reduced PCB space requirements

Image of Littelfuse's 807 Series Time-Lag TE Radial Subminiature FusesThe 807 Series of TE time-lag subminiature fuses from Littelfuse provide overcurrent protection on AC circuits. With 300 VAC ratings and best-in-class inrush current withstand capability, the fuses are designed to open safely under high fault current. Having a compact design of only 7.5 mm, the 807 series fuse is a smaller pitch alternative to 5 x 20 mm glass cartridge fuses. The radial-lead fuse gives designers the flexibility of either direct solder or plug-in versions.

Features Applications
  • Lead-free and RoHS compliant
  • Reduced PCB space requirements
  • Direct solderable or plug-in versions
  • Low internal resistance
  • Shock safe casing
  • Vibration resistant
  • Halogen free
  • Battery charger
  • Consumer electronics
  • Power supplies
  • Industrial controllers

TE7 807

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
80711600000 datasheet linkFUSE BRD MNT 1.6A 300VAC RADIAL80711600000FUSE BRD MNT 1.6A 300VAC RADIAL2095 - Immediate
80711600000 product page link
80711250000 datasheet linkFUSE BRD MNT 1.25A 300VAC RADIAL80711250000FUSE BRD MNT 1.25A 300VAC RADIAL2007 - Immediate
80711250000 product page link
80711000000 datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MNT 1A 300VAC RADIAL80711000000FUSE BOARD MNT 1A 300VAC RADIAL1905 - Immediate
80711000000 product page link
80711600440 datasheet linkFUSE BRD MNT 1.6A 300VAC RADIAL80711600440FUSE BRD MNT 1.6A 300VAC RADIAL988 - Immediate
80711600440 product page link
80711250440 datasheet linkFUSE BRD MNT 1.25A 300VAC RADIAL80711250440FUSE BRD MNT 1.25A 300VAC RADIAL987 - Immediate
80711250440 product page link
80708000440 datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MNT 800MA 300VAC RAD80708000440FUSE BOARD MNT 800MA 300VAC RAD929 - Immediate
80708000440 product page link
80711000440 datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MNT 1A 300VAC RADIAL80711000440FUSE BOARD MNT 1A 300VAC RADIAL917 - Immediate
80711000440 product page link
80716300440 datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MOUNT 6.3A 300VAC RAD80716300440FUSE BOARD MOUNT 6.3A 300VAC RAD837 - Immediate
80716300440 product page link
80712500440 datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MOUNT 2.5A 300VAC RAD80712500440FUSE BOARD MOUNT 2.5A 300VAC RAD646 - Immediate
80712500440 product page link
80715000440 datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MOUNT 5A 300VAC RAD80715000440FUSE BOARD MOUNT 5A 300VAC RAD591 - Immediate
80715000440 product page link
80712000440 datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MOUNT 2A 300VAC RAD80712000440FUSE BOARD MOUNT 2A 300VAC RAD60 - Immediate
80712000440 product page link
80712000000 datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MOUNT 2A 300VAC RAD80712000000FUSE BOARD MOUNT 2A 300VAC RAD1000 - Immediate
80712000000 product page link
80716300000 datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MOUNT 6.3A 300VAC RAD80716300000FUSE BOARD MOUNT 6.3A 300VAC RAD080716300000 product page link
80714000440 datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MOUNT 4A 300VAC RAD80714000440FUSE BOARD MOUNT 4A 300VAC RAD080714000440 product page link
Published: 2012-08-17