437 Series Fuse

1206 size lead-free, halogen free, high temperature very fast-acting thin-film fuse

Image of Littelfuse's 437 Series - 1206 Size Lead-Free, Halogen Free, High Temperature Very Fast-Acting Thin-Film FuseLittelfuse's 1206 size lead-free, halogen free, high temperature very fast-acting thin-film fuse has been designed specifically to provide over current protection to circuits that see high working ambient temperatures (up to 150°C). The general design ensures excellent temperature stability and performance reliability. In addition to this, the high i2t values typical of the Littelfuse thin-film fuse family ensure high inrush current withstand capability.


  • Operating Temperature -55°C to +150°C
  • 100% Lead-Free and RoHS compliant
  • Suitable for both leaded and lead-free reflow / wave soldering


  • Automotive Electronics
  • LCD Displays/Servers
  • Printers/Scanners
  • Data Modems

437 Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFuse TypeAvailable Quantity
0437.250WR datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MNT 250MA 125VAC/VDC0437.250WRFUSE BOARD MNT 250MA 125VAC/VDCBoard Mount (Cartridge Style Excluded)12252 - Immediate
0437.250WR product page link
0437002.WR datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MNT 2A 63VAC/VDC 12060437002.WRFUSE BOARD MNT 2A 63VAC/VDC 1206Board Mount (Cartridge Style Excluded)16431 - Immediate
0437002.WR product page link
0437003.WR datasheet linkFUSE BRD MNT 3A 32VAC 35VDC 12060437003.WRFUSE BRD MNT 3A 32VAC 35VDC 1206Board Mount (Cartridge Style Excluded)9016 - Immediate
0437003.WR product page link
0437.500WR datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MOUNT 500MA 63VAC/VDC0437.500WRFUSE BOARD MOUNT 500MA 63VAC/VDCBoard Mount (Cartridge Style Excluded)10603 - Immediate
0437.500WR product page link
0437001.WR datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MNT 1A 63VAC/VDC 12060437001.WRFUSE BOARD MNT 1A 63VAC/VDC 1206Board Mount (Cartridge Style Excluded)6506 - Immediate
0437001.WR product page link
043702.5WR datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MNT 2.5A 32VAC 35VDC043702.5WRFUSE BOARD MNT 2.5A 32VAC 35VDCBoard Mount (Cartridge Style Excluded)5145 - Immediate
043702.5WR product page link
0437.750WR datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MOUNT 750MA 63VAC/VDC0437.750WRFUSE BOARD MOUNT 750MA 63VAC/VDCBoard Mount (Cartridge Style Excluded)5189 - Immediate
0437.750WR product page link
0437005.WR datasheet linkFUSE BRD MNT 5A 32VAC 35VDC 12060437005.WRFUSE BRD MNT 5A 32VAC 35VDC 1206Board Mount (Cartridge Style Excluded)4434 - Immediate
0437005.WR product page link
0437007.WR datasheet linkFUSE BRD MNT 7A 32VAC 35VDC 12060437007.WRFUSE BRD MNT 7A 32VAC 35VDC 1206Board Mount (Cartridge Style Excluded)3314 - Immediate
0437007.WR product page link
04371.25WR datasheet linkFUSE BOARD MOUNT 1.25A 63VAC/VDC04371.25WRFUSE BOARD MOUNT 1.25A 63VAC/VDCBoard Mount (Cartridge Style Excluded)4551 - Immediate
04371.25WR product page link
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Published: 2009-04-13