356 Series 440 V Time Lag Fuse

Special 440 V 6.3x32 mm (¼" x 1¼") fuse

Image of Littelfuse's 356 Series 440V Time Lag Ceramic Body FuseLittelfuse/Wickman's specialized 356 Series fuse offers high voltage, time lag capabilities in an industry standard ¼" x 1¼" size package. They can easily be plugged into clips or shock-safe holders that are available on the market.

  • For high voltage applications
  • Surge tolerant
  • 1000 A at 440 Vac
  • Agency approved
  • Pluggable into clips or shock-safe holders
  • Packaging: pack (100 pcs)
  • Materials:
    • Tube: ceramic
    • End Caps: nickel-plated brass
  • Operating Temperature: -25°C to +70°C (consider de-rating)
  • Climatic Category: -25°C/+70°C/21 days (EN 60068-1..3)
  • Stock conditions: +10°C to +60°C relative humidity ≤ 75% yearly average, without dew, maximum value for 30 days-95%
  • Vibration resistance: 24 cycles at 15 minutes each (EN 60068-2-6) 10 Hz - 60 Hz at 0.75 mm amplitude 60 Hz - 2000 Hz at 10 g acceleration
  • MarkingUnit Weight: 3.0 g (approx.)

356 Series 440 V Fuses

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCurrent RatingColorAvailable Quantity
35611000029 datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 1A 440VAC 3AB 3AG35611000029FUSE CERAMIC 1A 440VAC 3AB 3AG1A-1703 - Immediate
35611000029 product page link
35621000029 datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 10A 440VAC 3AB 3AG35621000029FUSE CERAMIC 10A 440VAC 3AB 3AG10A-1837 - Immediate
35621000029 product page link
35612000029 datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 2A 440VAC 3AB 3AG35612000029FUSE CERAMIC 2A 440VAC 3AB 3AG2A-1185 - Immediate
35612000029 product page link
35616300029 datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 6.3A 440VAC 3AB 3AG35616300029FUSE CERAMIC 6.3A 440VAC 3AB 3AG6.3A-643 - Immediate
35616300029 product page link
35614000029 datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 4A 440VAC 3AB 3AG35614000029FUSE CERAMIC 4A 440VAC 3AB 3AG4A-211 - Immediate
35614000029 product page link
35611600029 datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 1.6A 440VAC 3AB 3AG35611600029FUSE CERAMIC 1.6A 440VAC 3AB 3AG1.6A-136 - Immediate
35611600029 product page link
35615000029 datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 5A 440VAC 3AB 3AG35615000029FUSE CERAMIC 5A 440VAC 3AB 3AG5A-65 - Immediate
35615000029 product page link
35612500029 datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 2.5A 440VAC 3AB 3AG35612500029FUSE CERAMIC 2.5A 440VAC 3AB 3AG2.5A-160 - Immediate
35612500029 product page link
35611250029 datasheet linkFUSE CERM 1.25A 440VAC 3AB 3AG35611250029FUSE CERM 1.25A 440VAC 3AB 3AG1.25A-88 - Immediate
35611250029 product page link
35613150029 datasheet linkFUSE CERM 3.15A 440VAC 3AB 3AG35613150029FUSE CERM 3.15A 440VAC 3AB 3AG3.15A-035613150029 product page link
Published: 2009-09-01