215SP Series 5x20 mm Single Pigtail Fuse

Littelfuse 215SP series fuse has one cap at each terminal side

Image of Littelfuse's 215SP Series 5x20mm Single Pigtail FuseThe 215SP is a single pigtail fuse that complements the Littelfuse line of traditional ceramic-body pigtail fuses. Unlike the existing 215 series, the 215SP series fuse has one cap at each terminal side rather than double caps at each side. By doing away with conventional overcapping, Littelfuse was able to offer a fuse with a more compact footprint. Applied to individual components and circuits, it is ideal for providing supplementary protection in appliance or utilization equipment.


  • High breaking capacity
  • Available in axial lead form
  • RoHS compliant and Pb-free
  • Designed to international (IEC) standards for use globally
  • Meets the IEC60127-2, Sheet 5 specification for time-lag fuses

215SP Series 5x20 mm Single Pigtail Fuse

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
0215001.MXESPP datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 1A 250VAC 5X20MM0215001.MXESPPFUSE CERAMIC 1A 250VAC 5X20MM8162 - Immediate
0215001.MXESPP product page link
02153.15MXESPP datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 3.15A 250VAC 5X20MM02153.15MXESPPFUSE CERAMIC 3.15A 250VAC 5X20MM8365 - Immediate
02153.15MXESPP product page link
0215002.MXESPP datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 2A 250VAC 5X20MM0215002.MXESPPFUSE CERAMIC 2A 250VAC 5X20MM5469 - Immediate
0215002.MXESPP product page link
0215004.MXESPP datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 4A 250VAC 5X20MM0215004.MXESPPFUSE CERAMIC 4A 250VAC 5X20MM3109 - Immediate
0215004.MXESPP product page link
0215005.MXESPP datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 5A 250VAC 5X20MM0215005.MXESPPFUSE CERAMIC 5A 250VAC 5X20MM1239 - Immediate
0215005.MXESPP product page link
0215008.MXESPP datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 8A 250VAC 5X20MM0215008.MXESPPFUSE CERAMIC 8A 250VAC 5X20MM5570 - Immediate
0215008.MXESPP product page link
02151.25MXESPP datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 1.25A 250VAC 5X20MM02151.25MXESPPFUSE CERAMIC 1.25A 250VAC 5X20MM002151.25MXESPP product page link
02151.25MXESPP datasheet linkFUSE SLOW 250VAC 1.25A AXIAL02151.25MXESPPFUSE SLOW 250VAC 1.25A AXIAL7300 - Immediate
02151.25MXESPP product page link
021506.3MXESPP datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 6.3A 250VAC 5X20MM021506.3MXESPPFUSE CERAMIC 6.3A 250VAC 5X20MM3 - Immediate
021506.3MXESPP product page link
021502.5MXESPP datasheet linkFUSE CERAMIC 2.5A 250VAC 5X20MM021502.5MXESPPFUSE CERAMIC 2.5A 250VAC 5X20MM92 - Immediate
021502.5MXESPP product page link
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Published: 2011-09-20