Ultra bright AlInGaP chip LED lamps from Lite-On

Image of Lite-On Inc's SMD LED LampsSMD LED lamps from Lite-On are available in miniature sizes and special configurations for automated PC board assembly and space-sensitive applications. These SMD LED lamps are suitable for use in a wide variety of electronic equipment, including cordless and cellular phones, notebook computers, network systems, home appliances, and indoor signboard applications.


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionColorLens ColorAvailable Quantity
LTST-C190KFKT datasheet linkLED ORANGE CLEAR 0603 SMDLTST-C190KFKTLED ORANGE CLEAR 0603 SMDOrangeColorless216848 - Immediate
LTST-C190KFKT product page link
LTST-C190KGKT datasheet linkLED GREEN CLEAR 0603 SMDLTST-C190KGKTLED GREEN CLEAR 0603 SMDGreenColorless814509 - Immediate
LTST-C190KGKT product page link
LTST-C190KRKT datasheet linkLED RED CLEAR 0603 SMDLTST-C190KRKTLED RED CLEAR 0603 SMDRedColorless713375 - Immediate
LTST-C190KRKT product page link
LTST-C190KSKT datasheet linkLED YELLOW CLEAR 0603 SMDLTST-C190KSKTLED YELLOW CLEAR 0603 SMDYellowColorless156666 - Immediate
LTST-C190KSKT product page link
LTST-C190KAKT datasheet linkLED RED CLEAR 0603 SMDLTST-C190KAKTLED RED CLEAR 0603 SMDRedColorless38207 - Immediate
LTST-C190KAKT product page link
Published: 2013-07-02