LTC6930 µPower Oscillators

Linear Technology's 99.91% accurate silicon oscillator

Image of Linear Technology's LTC6930 - 32.768 kHz to 8.192 MHz Precision µPower OscillatorsThe LTC6930 family of low power precision silicon oscillators with fixed frequencies from 32.768 kHz to 8.192 MHz. Five versions are available, each with a unique master frequency and digitally controlled frequency dividers that give 8 different frequencies per device. Frequency shifting is accomplished within a single clock cycle and without glitches, providing a powerful tool for system configuration or power management through clock-speed control. The LTC6930 has significant advantages in battery and portable applications.

Drawing only 105 µA at 32 kHz and requiring only a single 1.7 V to 5.5 V supply, the LTC6930 can operate from two unregulated NiCad batteries. Battery life is also extended, using the fast startup, where minimal power is lost during the clock power-up. Most oscillators exhibit a startup time greater than a millisecond. By contrast, the LTC6930 has a guaranteed startup time of less than 110 usec. The 0.09% frequency tolerance makes the LTC6930 suitable for many applications, including serial port communications and microprocessor clocks. The LTC6930 is fully specified for operation from -40°C to 125°C and offers rugged, reliable operation in environments unsuitable for crystal-based oscillators. These parts are available in a compact 2 x 3 mm DFN and an 8-lead MSOP package.

Features Applications
  • Frequency Error < 0.09% Max at 25°C
  • Startup Time <110µs at All Frequencies
  • 1.7 V to 5.5 V Single Supply Operation
  • 105 µA Typical Supply Current at 32 kHz, V+ = 3 V
  • 590µA Typical Supply Current at 8 MHz, V+ = 3 V
  • Typical RMS Period Jitter < 0.15% at V+ = 3 V
  • No External Components to Set Frequency
  • 5 Options Cover 32.768 kHz to 8.192 MHz:
    • LTC6930-4.19: 4.194304 MHz ÷ N
    • LTC6930-5.00: 5.000000 MHz ÷ N
    • LTC6930-7.37: 7.373800 MHz ÷ N
    • LTC6930-8.00: 8.000000 MHz ÷ N
    • LTC6930-8.19: 8.192000 MHz ÷ N
    • Where N = 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 (N Determined by State of DIVA, DIVB, DIVC Pins)
  • -40°C to 125°C Operating Temperature Range
    • Tiny 2 mm × 3 mm DFN or MS8 Package
    • Digitally Controlled Oscillator
    • Microprocessor Clock
    • Power Supply Clock
    • Portable and Battery Operated Devices


    ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
    LTC6930CMS8-4.19#PBF datasheet linkIC OSC SILICON 4.194304MHZ 8MSOPLTC6930CMS8-4.19#PBFIC OSC SILICON 4.194304MHZ 8MSOP973 - Immediate
    LTC6930CMS8-4.19#PBF product page link
    LTC6930IMS8-4.19#PBF datasheet linkIC OSC SILICON 4.194304MHZ 8MSOPLTC6930IMS8-4.19#PBFIC OSC SILICON 4.194304MHZ 8MSOP713 - Immediate
    LTC6930IMS8-4.19#PBF product page link
    LTC6930IMS8-5.00#PBF datasheet linkIC OSC SILICON 5MHZ 8-MSOPLTC6930IMS8-5.00#PBFIC OSC SILICON 5MHZ 8-MSOP659 - Immediate
    LTC6930IMS8-5.00#PBF product page link
    LTC6930IMS8-8.00#PBF datasheet linkIC OSC SILICON 8MHZ 8-MSOPLTC6930IMS8-8.00#PBFIC OSC SILICON 8MHZ 8-MSOP545 - Immediate
    LTC6930IMS8-8.00#PBF product page link
    LTC6930IMS8-7.37#PBF datasheet linkIC OSC SILICON 7.3728MHZ 8-MSOPLTC6930IMS8-7.37#PBFIC OSC SILICON 7.3728MHZ 8-MSOP116 - Immediate
    LTC6930IMS8-7.37#PBF product page link
    LTC6930CMS8-8.00#PBF datasheet linkIC OSC SILICON 8MHZ 8-MSOPLTC6930CMS8-8.00#PBFIC OSC SILICON 8MHZ 8-MSOP475 - Immediate
    LTC6930CMS8-8.00#PBF product page link
    LTC6930CMS8-8.19#PBF datasheet linkIC OSC SILICON 8.192MHZ 8-MSOPLTC6930CMS8-8.19#PBFIC OSC SILICON 8.192MHZ 8-MSOP454 - Immediate
    LTC6930CMS8-8.19#PBF product page link
    LTC6930CDCB-8.19#TRMPBF datasheet linkIC OSC SILICON 8.192MHZ 8-DFNLTC6930CDCB-8.19#TRMPBFIC OSC SILICON 8.192MHZ 8-DFN989 - Immediate
    LTC6930CDCB-8.19#TRMPBF product page link
    LTC6930IDCB-4.19#TRMPBF datasheet linkIC OSC SILICON 4.194304MHZ 8-DFNLTC6930IDCB-4.19#TRMPBFIC OSC SILICON 4.194304MHZ 8-DFN514 - Immediate
    LTC6930IDCB-4.19#TRMPBF product page link
    LTC6930IMS8-8.19#PBF datasheet linkIC OSC SILICON 8.192MHZ 8-MSOPLTC6930IMS8-8.19#PBFIC OSC SILICON 8.192MHZ 8-MSOP387 - Immediate
    LTC6930IMS8-8.19#PBF product page link
    LTC6930CDCB-5.00#TRMPBF datasheet linkIC OSC SILICON 5MHZ 8-DFNLTC6930CDCB-5.00#TRMPBFIC OSC SILICON 5MHZ 8-DFN294 - Immediate
    LTC6930CDCB-5.00#TRMPBF product page link
    LTC6930CDCB-4.19#TRMPBF datasheet linkIC OSC SILICON 4.194304MHZ 8-DFNLTC6930CDCB-4.19#TRMPBFIC OSC SILICON 4.194304MHZ 8-DFN112 - Immediate
    LTC6930CDCB-4.19#TRMPBF product page link
    LTC6930IDCB-8.00#TRMPBF datasheet linkIC OSC SILICON 8MHZ 8-DFNLTC6930IDCB-8.00#TRMPBFIC OSC SILICON 8MHZ 8-DFN1020 - Immediate
    LTC6930IDCB-8.00#TRMPBF product page link
    LTC6930CMS8-5.00#PBF datasheet linkIC OSC SILICON 5MHZ 8-MSOPLTC6930CMS8-5.00#PBFIC OSC SILICON 5MHZ 8-MSOP0LTC6930CMS8-5.00#PBF product page link
    LTC6930CMS8-7.37#PBF datasheet linkIC OSC SILICON 7.3728MHZ 8-MSOPLTC6930CMS8-7.37#PBFIC OSC SILICON 7.3728MHZ 8-MSOP0LTC6930CMS8-7.37#PBF product page link
    LTC6930CDCB-7.37#TRMPBF datasheet linkIC OSC SILICON 7.3728MHZ 8-DFNLTC6930CDCB-7.37#TRMPBFIC OSC SILICON 7.3728MHZ 8-DFN0LTC6930CDCB-7.37#TRMPBF product page link
    Published: 2012-06-29