LTC6655 - Precision Buffered Reference Family

Linear Technology’s bandgap references are low noise, low drift, precision voltage references fully specified over the -40°C to 125°C temperature range

Image of Linear Technology's LTC6655 - Precision Buffered ReferenceThe low noise and drift of Linear Technology's LTC6655 references are ideally suited for the high- resolution measurements required by instrumentation and test equipment, while the wide temperature range supports automotive and industrial applications. Advanced curvature compensation allows these bandgap references to achieve a drift of less than 2 ppm/°C with a predictable temperature characteristic and an output voltage accurate to ±0.025 percent, reducing or eliminating the need for calibration.

The LTC6655 low dropout series references can be powered from as little as 500 mV above the output voltage or as much as 13.2 V. Superior load regulation and source and sink capabilities coupled with exceptional line rejection give consistent performance over a wide range of line and load conditions. A shutdown mode is provided for low power applications. Available in a small MSOP package, the LTC6655 family of references is an excellent choice for demanding precision applications.

Features Applications
  • Low noise: 0.25 ppm (0.1 Hz to 10 Hz)
  • Low drift: 2 ppm/°C max
  • High accuracy: ±0.025% max
  • Fully specified over –40°C to 125°C
  • 100% tested at –40°C, 25°C and 125°C
  • Load regulation: <10 ppm/mA
  • Sinks and sources current: ±5 mA
  • Low dropout: 500 mV
  • Wide supply range to 13.2 V
  • Low power shutdown: < 20 μA max
  • Available output voltage options: 2.5 V
  • Available in an 8-lead MSOP package
  • Instrumentation and test equipment
  • High resolution data acquisition systems
  • Weigh scales
  • Precision battery monitors
  • High temperature applications
  • Precision regulators
  • Medical equipment


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
LTC6655CHMS8-5#PBF datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 5V 8MSOPLTC6655CHMS8-5#PBFIC VREF SERIES 5V 8MSOP1104 - Immediate
LTC6655CHMS8-5#PBF product page link
LTC6655CHMS8-4.096#PBF datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 4.096V 8MSOPLTC6655CHMS8-4.096#PBFIC VREF SERIES 4.096V 8MSOP751 - Immediate
LTC6655CHMS8-4.096#PBF product page link
LTC6655CHMS8-1.25#PBF datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 1.25V 8MSOPLTC6655CHMS8-1.25#PBFIC VREF SERIES 1.25V 8MSOP711 - Immediate
LTC6655CHMS8-1.25#PBF product page link
LTC6655CHMS8-3.3#PBF datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 3.3V 8MSOPLTC6655CHMS8-3.3#PBFIC VREF SERIES 3.3V 8MSOP576 - Immediate
LTC6655CHMS8-3.3#PBF product page link
LTC6655CHMS8-2.048#PBF datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 2.048V 8MSOPLTC6655CHMS8-2.048#PBFIC VREF SERIES 2.048V 8MSOP273 - Immediate
LTC6655CHMS8-2.048#PBF product page link
LTC6655BHMS8-1.25#PBF datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 1.25V 8MSOPLTC6655BHMS8-1.25#PBFIC VREF SERIES 1.25V 8MSOP4480 - Immediate
LTC6655BHMS8-1.25#PBF product page link
LTC6655BHMS8-2.5#PBF datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 2.5V 8MSOPLTC6655BHMS8-2.5#PBFIC VREF SERIES 2.5V 8MSOP3284 - Immediate
LTC6655BHMS8-2.5#PBF product page link
LTC6655BHMS8-3#PBF datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 3V 8MSOPLTC6655BHMS8-3#PBFIC VREF SERIES 3V 8MSOP1148 - Immediate
LTC6655BHMS8-3#PBF product page link
LTC6655BHMS8-4.096#PBF datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 4.096V 8MSOPLTC6655BHMS8-4.096#PBFIC VREF SERIES 4.096V 8MSOP1079 - Immediate
LTC6655BHMS8-4.096#PBF product page link
LTC6655BHMS8-2.048#PBF datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 2.048V 8MSOPLTC6655BHMS8-2.048#PBFIC VREF SERIES 2.048V 8MSOP706 - Immediate
LTC6655BHMS8-2.048#PBF product page link
LTC6655BHMS8-5#PBF datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 5V 8MSOPLTC6655BHMS8-5#PBFIC VREF SERIES 5V 8MSOP469 - Immediate
LTC6655BHMS8-5#PBF product page link
LTC6655BHMS8-3.3#PBF datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 3.3V 8MSOPLTC6655BHMS8-3.3#PBFIC VREF SERIES 3.3V 8MSOP219 - Immediate
LTC6655BHMS8-3.3#PBF product page link
LTC6655BHLS8-2.5#PBF datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 2.5V 8CLCCLTC6655BHLS8-2.5#PBFIC VREF SERIES 2.5V 8CLCC404 - Immediate
LTC6655BHLS8-2.5#PBF product page link
LTC6655CHMS8-3#PBF datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 3V 8MSOPLTC6655CHMS8-3#PBFIC VREF SERIES 3V 8MSOP449 - Immediate
LTC6655CHMS8-3#PBF product page link
LTC6655CHLS8-2.5#PBF datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 2.5V 8CLCCLTC6655CHLS8-2.5#PBFIC VREF SERIES 2.5V 8CLCC434 - Immediate
LTC6655CHLS8-2.5#PBF product page link
LTC6655CHLS8-5#PBF datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 5V 8CLCCLTC6655CHLS8-5#PBFIC VREF SERIES 5V 8CLCC204 - Immediate
LTC6655CHLS8-5#PBF product page link
LTC6655CHLS8-4.096#PBF datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 4.096V 8LCCLTC6655CHLS8-4.096#PBFIC VREF SERIES 4.096V 8LCC163 - Immediate
LTC6655CHLS8-4.096#PBF product page link
LTC6655BHLS8-5#PBF datasheet linkIC VREF SERIES 5V 8CLCCLTC6655BHLS8-5#PBFIC VREF SERIES 5V 8CLCC27 - Immediate
LTC6655BHLS8-5#PBF product page link
Published: 2013-01-31