LTC2393-16 SAR ADC

Linear Technology's LTC2393-16 ideally suited for a wide variety of high speed applications

Image of Linear Technology's LTC2393-16 SAR ADCLinear Technology's LTC2393-16 is a low noise, high speed 16-bit successive approximation register (SAR) ADC. Operating from a single 5 V supply, the LTC2393-16 supports a large ±4.096 V fully differential input range, making it ideal for high performance applications that require maximum dynamic range. The LTC2393-16 achieves a maximum of ±2 LSB INL with no missing codes at 16-bits and 94.2 dB SNR.

The LTC2393-16 includes a precision internal reference with a guaranteed 0.5% initial accuracy and a ±20 ppm/°C temperature coefficient. Fast 1 Msps throughput with no cycle latency in both parallel and serial interface modes makes the LTC2393-16 ideally suited for a wide variety of high speed applications. An internal oscillator sets the conversion time, easing external timing considerations. The LTC2393-16 dissipates only 140 mW at 1 Msps, while both nap and sleep power-down modes are provided to further reduce power during inactive periods.

  • 1Msps throughput rate
  • ±2LSB INL (max)
  • Guaranteed 16-bit no missing codes
  • 94.2 dB SNR (Typ) at fIN = 20 kHz
  • Guaranteed operation to 125°C
  • Single 5 V supply
  • 1.8 V to 5 V I/O voltages
  • 140 mW power dissipation
  • ±4.096 V differential input range
  • Internal reference (20 ppm/°C Max)
  • No pipeline delay, no cycle latency
  • Parallel and serial interface
  • Internal conversion clock
  • 48-pin 7 mm × 7 mm LQFP and QFN packages
  • Medical imaging
  • High speed data acquisition
  • Digital signal processing
  • Industrial process control
  • Instrumentation
  • ATE

LTC2393-16 SAR ADC

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
LTC2393CLX-16#PBF datasheet linkIC ADC 16BIT SER/PAR 1M 48-LQFPLTC2393CLX-16#PBFIC ADC 16BIT SER/PAR 1M 48-LQFP109 - Immediate
LTC2393CLX-16#PBF product page link
LTC2393ILX-16#PBF datasheet linkIC ADC 16BIT SER/PAR 1M 48-LQFPLTC2393ILX-16#PBFIC ADC 16BIT SER/PAR 1M 48-LQFP148 - Immediate
LTC2393ILX-16#PBF product page link
LTC2393CUK-16#PBF datasheet linkIC ADC 16BIT SER/PAR 1M 48-QFNLTC2393CUK-16#PBFIC ADC 16BIT SER/PAR 1M 48-QFN100 - Immediate
LTC2393CUK-16#PBF product page link
LTC2393IUK-16#PBF datasheet linkIC ADC 16BIT SER/PAR 1M 48-QFNLTC2393IUK-16#PBFIC ADC 16BIT SER/PAR 1M 48-QFN20 - Immediate
LTC2393IUK-16#PBF product page link
LTC2393HLX-16#PBF datasheet linkIC ADC 16BIT SER/PAR 1M 48-LQFPLTC2393HLX-16#PBFIC ADC 16BIT SER/PAR 1M 48-LQFP71 - Immediate
LTC2393HLX-16#PBF product page link
Published: 2013-10-09