LT3032 Voltage Linear Regulator

Linear Technology's linear regulators for battery-powered instruments, bipolar or low-noise supplies

Image of Linear Technology's LT3032 Voltage Linear RegulatorLinear Technology's LT3032 is a dual, low-noise, positive and negative low-dropout voltage linear regulator. Each regulator delivers up to 150 mA with a typical 300 mV dropout voltage. Each regulator's quiescent current is low (30 µA operating and <3 µA in shutdown) and well controlled in dropout, making it an excellent choice for battery-powered circuits.

Another key feature of the LT3032 is low output noise. Adding an external 10 nF bypass capacitor to each regulator reduces output noise to 20 µVRMS/30 µVRMS over a 10 Hz to 100 kHz bandwidth. The LT3032 is stable with minimum output capacitors of 2.2 µF. These regulators do not require the addition of ESR, which is common with other regulators.

Internal protection circuitry includes reverse output protection, current limiting, and thermal limiting. Each regulator is offered as an adjustable output device with an output voltage down to the ±1.22 V reference voltages.

  • Low noise: 20 µVRMS (positive) and 30 µVRMS (negative)
  • Low quiescent current: 30 µA/channel
  • Wide input voltage range: ±2.3 V to ±20 V
  • Output current: ±150 mA
  • Low shutdown current: <3 µA total (typical)
  • Low dropout voltage: 300 mV/channel
  • Adjustable outputs from ±1.22 V to ±20 V
  • No protection diodes needed
  • Stable with 2.2 µF output capacitors
  • Stable with ceramic, tantalum, or aluminum capacitors
  • Starts into reverse output voltage
  • Current limit and thermal limit
  • Low profile 14-lead 4 mm x 3 mm x 0.75 mm DFN package


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionRegulator TopologyVoltage - OutputAvailable Quantity
LT3032EDE#PBF datasheet linkIC REG LDO ADJ 0.15A 14DFNLT3032EDE#PBFIC REG LDO ADJ 0.15A 14DFNPositive and Negative Adjustable±1.22 V ~ ±20 V3347 - Immediate
LT3032EDE#PBF product page link
LT3032IDE#PBF datasheet linkIC REG LDO ADJ 0.15A 14DFNLT3032IDE#PBFIC REG LDO ADJ 0.15A 14DFNPositive and Negative Adjustable±1.22 V ~ ±20 V860 - Immediate
LT3032IDE#PBF product page link
Published: 2012-06-29