MachXO3 FPGA Family

Lattice's most advanced, lowest cost per I/O programmable bridging and I/O expansion solution

Image of Lattice Semiconductor Corporation's MachXO3 FPGA FamilyThe MachXO3L is Lattice’s newest instant-on, non-volatile, small footprint FPGAs that use advanced packaging technology to enable the lowest cost devices. The family features the latest in small packaging, low-power, and aggressive cost combined with fast performance. The MachXO3L family spans from 640 to 6900 LUTs. It is available in lower power E (1.2 v core) version or C (3.3/2.5 V core) versions.

Breakthrough I/O Density at the Lowest Cost per I/O – Programmable bridging and I/O expansion has never been more affordable with up to 540 I/O and priced at 1 cent per I/O.

Maximum I/O, Minimum Size – Smallest BGA packages with 0.4 mm, 0.5 mm and 0.8 mm ball-spacing options.

Instant Programmable Bridging and I/O Expansion – Maximum flexibility with instant-on access and multi-time programmability.

CSI-2 Image Sensor Interfacing
  • Supports CSI-2 high speed differential signaling
  • Both Rx and Tx interfaces
  • From 1-4 lanes of CSI-2 at up to 800 Mbps
  • Can be implemented in a 49 wlcsp (3.2 x 3.2 mm)
  • RAW, YUV or RGB supported
DSI LCD Display Interfacing
  • Supports DSI transmit signaling
  • HS (High-Speed) Mode transmit
  • LP (Low-Power) Mode transmit and receive
  • Can be implemented in a 49 wlcsp (3.2 x 3.2 mm)
  • Supports DSI formats RGB, YCbCr and User Defined
  • Input bus can also be DSI to enable LCD screen replacement
Microprocessor Interface Expansion
  • Save cost by adding GPIO to low-cost microcontrollers
  • Add additional SPI and I2C interfaces to system control processors
  • Perform voltage-level translation with ease
  • Simplify system management with PLD implementation of system status registers

MachXO3 FPGA Family

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
LCMXO3L-6900C-6BG256C datasheet linkIC FPGA 206 I/O 256CABGALCMXO3L-6900C-6BG256CIC FPGA 206 I/O 256CABGA653 - Immediate
LCMXO3L-6900C-6BG256C product page link
LCMXO3L-2100C-5BG256C datasheet linkIC FPGA 206 I/O 256CABGALCMXO3L-2100C-5BG256CIC FPGA 206 I/O 256CABGA182 - Immediate
LCMXO3L-2100C-5BG256C product page link
LCMXO3L-4300C-5BG256C datasheet linkIC FPGA 206 I/O 256CABGALCMXO3L-4300C-5BG256CIC FPGA 206 I/O 256CABGA403 - Immediate
LCMXO3L-4300C-5BG256C product page link
LCMXO3L-2100C-5BG256I datasheet linkIC FPGA 206 I/O 256CABGALCMXO3L-2100C-5BG256IIC FPGA 206 I/O 256CABGA560 - Immediate
LCMXO3L-2100C-5BG256I product page link
LCMXO3L-2100C-6BG256C datasheet linkIC FPGA 206 I/O 256CABGALCMXO3L-2100C-6BG256CIC FPGA 206 I/O 256CABGA335 - Immediate
LCMXO3L-2100C-6BG256C product page link
LCMXO3L-4300C-6BG256C datasheet linkIC FPGA 206 I/O 256CABGALCMXO3L-4300C-6BG256CIC FPGA 206 I/O 256CABGA467 - Immediate
LCMXO3L-4300C-6BG256C product page link
LCMXO3L-4300C-5BG256I datasheet linkIC FPGA 206 I/O 256CABGALCMXO3L-4300C-5BG256IIC FPGA 206 I/O 256CABGA265 - Immediate
LCMXO3L-4300C-5BG256I product page link
LCMXO3L-2100C-6BG256I datasheet linkIC FPGA 206 I/O 256CABGALCMXO3L-2100C-6BG256IIC FPGA 206 I/O 256CABGA595 - Immediate
LCMXO3L-2100C-6BG256I product page link
LCMXO3L-4300C-6BG256I datasheet linkIC FPGA 206 I/O 256CABGALCMXO3L-4300C-6BG256IIC FPGA 206 I/O 256CABGA509 - Immediate
LCMXO3L-4300C-6BG256I product page link
LCMXO3L-6900C-5BG256C datasheet linkIC FPGA 206 I/O 256CABGALCMXO3L-6900C-5BG256CIC FPGA 206 I/O 256CABGA382 - Immediate
LCMXO3L-6900C-5BG256C product page link
LCMXO3L-6900C-5BG256I datasheet linkIC FPGA 206 I/O 256CABGALCMXO3L-6900C-5BG256IIC FPGA 206 I/O 256CABGA0LCMXO3L-6900C-5BG256I product page link
LCMXO3L-6900C-6BG256I datasheet linkIC FPGA 206 I/O 256CABGALCMXO3L-6900C-6BG256IIC FPGA 206 I/O 256CABGA0LCMXO3L-6900C-6BG256I product page link
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Published: 2014-03-28