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The world's smallest automotive FPGA with SERDES from Lattice Semiconductor

Image of Lattice Semiconductor Corporation's Explore Automotive PossibilitiesLattice Semiconductor's ECP3 was designed from the ground up to offer the best of an efficient FPGA with the benefits of SERDES available in commercial, industrial, and automotive versions.

Improve the reliability and lower the cost of your industrial, telecom, or automotive infrastructure equipment with SERDES on-chip and power consumption starting below 0.5 W.

When volume or performance requirements are high, and size, weight, or power is constrained, the ECP3 provides a perfect solution.

  • Up to 16 channels at 3.125 Gbps
  • PCI Express, Ethernet (GbE, XAUI, and SGMII), HDMI, SMPTE, Serial Rapid I/O, CPRI and JESD204A/B
  • 800 Mbps DDR3, 1 Gbps LVDS
  • Up to 586 programmable sysIO buffers
  • Power consumption from below 0.5 W
  • Wide array of packages as small as 10 mm x 10 mm

ECP3 Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of LABs/CLBsNumber of Logic Elements/CellsTotal RAM BitsAvailable Quantity
LFE3-17EA-6FTN256C datasheet linkIC FPGA 133 I/O 256FTBGALFE3-17EA-6FTN256CIC FPGA 133 I/O 256FTBGA212517000716800419 - Immediate
LFE3-17EA-6FTN256C product page link
LFE3-17EA-7FTN256I datasheet linkIC FPGA 133 I/O 256FTBGALFE3-17EA-7FTN256IIC FPGA 133 I/O 256FTBGA212517000716800143 - Immediate
LFE3-17EA-7FTN256I product page link
LFE3-150EA-8FN1156C datasheet linkIC FPGA 586 I/O 1156FBGALFE3-150EA-8FN1156CIC FPGA 586 I/O 1156FBGA18625149000701440045 - Immediate
LFE3-150EA-8FN1156C product page link
LFE3-17EA-7FN484C datasheet linkIC FPGA 222 I/O 484FBGALFE3-17EA-7FN484CIC FPGA 222 I/O 484FBGA212517000716800151 - Immediate
LFE3-17EA-7FN484C product page link
LFE3-35EA-6FTN256C datasheet linkIC FPGA 133 I/O 256FTBGALFE3-35EA-6FTN256CIC FPGA 133 I/O 256FTBGA4125330001358848108 - Immediate
LFE3-35EA-6FTN256C product page link
LFE3-35EA-7FN484C datasheet linkIC FPGA 295 I/O 484FBGALFE3-35EA-7FN484CIC FPGA 295 I/O 484FBGA412533000135884835 - Immediate
LFE3-35EA-7FN484C product page link
LFE3-35EA-8FTN256C datasheet linkIC FPGA 133 I/O 256FTBGALFE3-35EA-8FTN256CIC FPGA 133 I/O 256FTBGA4125330001358848125 - Immediate
LFE3-35EA-8FTN256C product page link
LFE3-35EA-8FN484C datasheet linkIC FPGA 295 I/O 484FBGALFE3-35EA-8FN484CIC FPGA 295 I/O 484FBGA4125330001358848162 - Immediate
LFE3-35EA-8FN484C product page link
LFE3-35EA-7FN484I datasheet linkIC FPGA 295 I/O 484FBGALFE3-35EA-7FN484IIC FPGA 295 I/O 484FBGA412533000135884891 - Immediate
LFE3-35EA-7FN484I product page link
LFE3-70EA-7FN484C datasheet linkIC FPGA 295 I/O 484FBGALFE3-70EA-7FN484CIC FPGA 295 I/O 484FBGA837567000452608029 - Immediate
LFE3-70EA-7FN484C product page link
LFE3-70EA-6FN672I datasheet linkIC FPGA 380 I/O 672FBGALFE3-70EA-6FN672IIC FPGA 380 I/O 672FBGA837567000452608043 - Immediate
LFE3-70EA-6FN672I product page link
LFE3-70EA-8FN484C datasheet linkIC FPGA 295 I/O 484FBGALFE3-70EA-8FN484CIC FPGA 295 I/O 484FBGA837567000452608081 - Immediate
LFE3-70EA-8FN484C product page link
LFE3-70EA-8FN672C datasheet linkIC FPGA 380 I/O 672FBGALFE3-70EA-8FN672CIC FPGA 380 I/O 672FBGA837567000452608050 - Immediate
LFE3-70EA-8FN672C product page link
LFE3-17EA-7MG328I datasheet linkIC FPGA 116 I/O 328CSBGALFE3-17EA-7MG328IIC FPGA 116 I/O 328CSBGA212517000716800166 - Immediate
LFE3-17EA-7MG328I product page link
LFE3-70EA-7FN672I datasheet linkIC FPGA 380 I/O 672FBGALFE3-70EA-7FN672IIC FPGA 380 I/O 672FBGA837567000452608043 - Immediate
LFE3-70EA-7FN672I product page link
LFE3-95EA-7FN672I datasheet linkIC FPGA 380 I/O 672FBGALFE3-95EA-7FN672IIC FPGA 380 I/O 672FBGA1150092000452608040 - Immediate
LFE3-95EA-7FN672I product page link
LFE3-70EA-6FN484C datasheet linkIC FPGA 295 I/O 484FBGALFE3-70EA-6FN484CIC FPGA 295 I/O 484FBGA837567000452608069 - Immediate
LFE3-70EA-6FN484C product page link
LFE3-17EA-8LMG328I datasheet linkIC FPGA 116 I/O 328CSBGALFE3-17EA-8LMG328IIC FPGA 116 I/O 328CSBGA212517000716800168 - Immediate
LFE3-17EA-8LMG328I product page link
LFE3-35EA-7FTN256C datasheet linkIC FPGA 133 I/O 256FTBGALFE3-35EA-7FTN256CIC FPGA 133 I/O 256FTBGA4125330001358848111 - Immediate
LFE3-35EA-7FTN256C product page link
LFE3-35EA-6FN672C datasheet linkIC FPGA 310 I/O 672FBGALFE3-35EA-6FN672CIC FPGA 310 I/O 672FBGA412533000135884842 - Immediate
LFE3-35EA-6FN672C product page link
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Published: 2013-07-18