UltraTEC™ Series

Laird UltraTEC™ (UT) series are high-power thermoelectric modules

Image of Laird Technologies' UltraTEC™ SeriesLaird's UltraTEC™ series is a high-heat pumping density thermoelectric module (TEM). The module is assembled with a large number of semiconductor couples to achieve a higher-heat pumping capacity than standard single-stage TEMs. This product line is available in multiple configurations and is ideal for applications that require higher-cooling capacities with limited surface area. Assembled with bismuth telluride semiconductor material and thermally-conductive Aluminum Oxide ceramics, the UltraTEC™ series is designed for higher-current and larger heat-pumping applications. For all UltraTEC™ series modules, wire is stranded, 152 mm (6.0 in.) long or 200 mm (8.0 in.) and PVC insulated.

  • High-heat pump density
  • Precise temperature control
  • Reliable sold-state operation
  • No sound or vibration
  • DC operation
  • RoHS compliant
  • Analytical instrumentation
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Photonics laser systems
  • Electronic enclosure cooling
  • Food and beverage cooling
  • Chillers (liquid cooling)

UltraTEC Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionOutline L x W x HAvailable Quantity
430759-509 datasheet linkPELTIER UT11,12,F2,3030,TA,W6430759-509PELTIER UT11,12,F2,3030,TA,W634.00mm x 30.00mm x 2.41mm259 - Immediate
430759-509 product page link
430764-507 datasheet linkPELTIER UT15,12,F2,4040,TA,RT,W6430764-507PELTIER UT15,12,F2,4040,TA,RT,W643.90mm x 39.90mm x 2.84mm137 - Immediate
430764-507 product page link
430759-512 datasheet linkPELTIER UT11,12,F2,3030,TA,RT,W6430759-512PELTIER UT11,12,F2,3030,TA,RT,W634.00mm x 30.00mm x 2.41mm138 - Immediate
430759-512 product page link
430856-501 datasheet linkPELTIER UT15,200,F2,4040,TA,RTW6430856-501PELTIER UT15,200,F2,4040,TA,RTW640.00mm x 40.00mm x 3.30mm58 - Immediate
430856-501 product page link
430874-301 datasheet linkPELTIER UT6,19,F1,4040,TA,W6430874-301PELTIER UT6,19,F1,4040,TA,W640.00mm x 40.00mm x 3.91mm131 - Immediate
430874-301 product page link
430855-500 datasheet linkPELTIER UT8,288,F2,5252,TA,W6430855-500PELTIER UT8,288,F2,5252,TA,W652.00mm x 52.00mm x 3.81mm66 - Immediate
430855-500 product page link
430745-510 datasheet linkPELTIER MOD UT8,12,F2,2525,TA,W6430745-510PELTIER MOD UT8,12,F2,2525,TA,W626.92mm x 24.56mm x 1.96mm69 - Immediate
430745-510 product page link
430883-301 datasheet linkPELTIER UT6,24,F1,5555,TA,W6430883-301PELTIER UT6,24,F1,5555,TA,W655.00mm x 55.00mm x 3.91mm20 - Immediate
430883-301 product page link
430884-301 datasheet linkPELTIER UT8,24,F1,5555,TA,W6430884-301PELTIER UT8,24,F1,5555,TA,W655.00mm x 55.00mm x 3.80mm57 - Immediate
430884-301 product page link
430857-501 datasheet linkPELTIER UT15,288,F2,5252,TA,RTW6430857-501PELTIER UT15,288,F2,5252,TA,RTW652.00mm x 52.00mm x 3.30mm23 - Immediate
430857-501 product page link
430744-511 datasheet linkPELTIER MOD UT8,12,F2,3030,TA,W6430744-511PELTIER MOD UT8,12,F2,3030,TA,W634.00mm x 30.00mm x 2.56mm13 - Immediate
430744-511 product page link
430854-500 datasheet linkPELTIER UT8,200,F2,4040,TA,W6430854-500PELTIER UT8,200,F2,4040,TA,W640.00mm x 40.00mm x 3.81mm18 - Immediate
430854-500 product page link
430885-601 datasheet linkPELTIER UT9,28,F2,4040,TA,W6430885-601PELTIER UT9,28,F2,4040,TA,W644.00mm x 40.00mm x 2.79mm21 - Immediate
430885-601 product page link
430886-601 datasheet linkPELTIER UT15,24,F2,5252,TA,W6430886-601PELTIER UT15,24,F2,5252,TA,W656.00mm x 52.00mm x 3.30mm14 - Immediate
430886-601 product page link
PELTIER UT8,12,F2,3030,TA,EP,W6430744-513PELTIER UT8,12,F2,3030,TA,EP,W634.00mm x 30.00mm x 2.56mm16 - Immediate
430744-513 product page link
430764-505 datasheet linkPELTIER UT15,12,F2,4040,TA,W6430764-505PELTIER UT15,12,F2,4040,TA,W643.90mm x 39.90mm x 2.84mm0430764-505 product page link
430856-500 datasheet linkPELTIER UT15,200,F2,4040,TA,W6430856-500PELTIER UT15,200,F2,4040,TA,W640.00mm x 40.00mm x 3.30mm0430856-500 product page link
430857-500 datasheet linkPELTIER UT15,288,F2,5252,TA,W6430857-500PELTIER UT15,288,F2,5252,TA,W652.00mm x 52.00mm x 3.30mm0430857-500 product page link
430745-505 datasheet linkPELTIER UT8,12,F2,2525,11,RT,W6430745-505PELTIER UT8,12,F2,2525,11,RT,W626.92mm x 24.56mm x 1.96mm4 - Immediate
430745-505 product page link
Published: 2014-03-11