Tflex™ 200 V0 Series

Soft, free standing gap filler from Laird Thermal

Image of Laird Technologies - Thermal Products' Tflex™ 200 V0 SeriesLaird Thermal's Tflex 200 V0s are a series of soft, free standing gap filler that are more compressible than most gap fillers. Tflex 200 V0 combines good thermal conductivity of 1.1 W/mK with high conformability to produce low thermal resistance. The alumina filler allows Tflex 200 V0 to remain a cost effective solution where moderate thermal performance is acceptable. Tflex 200 V0 is naturally tacky and does not need an additional adhesive coating that can inhibit thermal performance. Tflex 200  V0 is electrically insulating, stable from -40°C to 160°C and meets the UL 94 V0 rating.

Features Applications
  • Soft and compressible for low stress applications
  • Naturally tacky needing no further adhesive coating
  • 1.1 W/mK thermal conductivity
  • Available in thicknesses from 0.010" (0.25 mm) to 0.200" (5.0 mm)
  • Cooling components to the chassis or frame
  • High speed mass storage drives
  • RDRAM memory modules
  • Heat pipe thermal solutions
  • Automotive engine control units
  • Wireless communication hardware

Tflex 200 V0 Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionUsageShapeOutlineAvailable Quantity
A14162-06 datasheet linkTFLEX 280V0 9X9"A14162-06TFLEX 280V0 9X9"SheetSquare228.60mm x 228.60mm453 - Immediate
A14162-06 product page link
A14162-27 datasheet linkTFLEX 240V0 9X9"A14162-27TFLEX 240V0 9X9"SheetSquare228.60mm x 228.60mm347 - Immediate
A14162-27 product page link
A14162-33 datasheet linkTFLEX 2120V0 9X9"A14162-33TFLEX 2120V0 9X9"SheetSquare228.60mm x 228.60mm116 - Immediate
A14162-33 product page link
A14162-25 datasheet linkTFLEX 220V0 9X9"A14162-25TFLEX 220V0 9X9"SheetSquare228.60mm x 228.60mm66 - Immediate
A14162-25 product page link
A14162-15 datasheet linkTFLEX 2100V0 9X9"A14162-15TFLEX 2100V0 9X9"SheetSquare228.60mm x 228.60mm30 - Immediate
A14162-15 product page link
A10198-11 datasheet linkTFLEX 2160V0 9X9"A10198-11TFLEX 2160V0 9X9"SheetSquare228.60mm x 228.60mm53 - Immediate
A10198-11 product page link
A14162-26 datasheet linkTFLEX 230V0 9" X 9"A14162-26TFLEX 230V0 9" X 9"SheetSquare228.60mm x 228.60mm0A14162-26 product page link
A14162-28 datasheet linkTFLEX 250V0 9" X 9"A14162-28TFLEX 250V0 9" X 9"SheetSquare228.60mm x 228.60mm0A14162-28 product page link
A14162-11 datasheet linkTFLEX 260V0 9" X 9"A14162-11TFLEX 260V0 9" X 9"SheetSquare228.60mm x 228.60mm0A14162-11 product page link
A14162-29 datasheet linkTFLEX 270V0 9" X 9"A14162-29TFLEX 270V0 9" X 9"SheetSquare228.60mm x 228.60mm0A14162-29 product page link
A14162-31 datasheet linkTFLEX 290V0 9" X 9"A14162-31TFLEX 290V0 9" X 9"SheetSquare228.60mm x 228.60mm0A14162-31 product page link
A14162-40 datasheet linkTFLEX 220V0 18" X 18"A14162-40TFLEX 220V0 18" X 18"SheetSquare457.20mm x 457.20mm0A14162-40 product page link
A10195-06 datasheet linkTFLEX 2130V0 9" X 9"A10195-06TFLEX 2130V0 9" X 9"SheetSquare228.60mm x 228.60mm0A10195-06 product page link
A14162-24 datasheet linkTFLEX 240V0 18" X 18"A14162-24TFLEX 240V0 18" X 18"SheetSquare457.20mm x 457.20mm0A14162-24 product page link
A14162-23 datasheet linkTFLEX 2140V0 9" X 9"A14162-23TFLEX 2140V0 9" X 9"SheetSquare228.60mm x 228.60mm0A14162-23 product page link
A14162-41 datasheet linkTFLEX 230V0 18" X 18"A14162-41TFLEX 230V0 18" X 18"SheetSquare457.20mm x 457.20mm0A14162-41 product page link
A10197-03 datasheet linkTFLEX 2150V0 9" X 9"A10197-03TFLEX 2150V0 9" X 9"SheetSquare228.60mm x 228.60mm0A10197-03 product page link
A14162-42 datasheet linkTFLEX 250V0 18" X 18"A14162-42TFLEX 250V0 18" X 18"SheetSquare457.20mm x 457.20mm0A14162-42 product page link
A14162-37 datasheet linkTFLEX 2170V0 9" X 9"A14162-37TFLEX 2170V0 9" X 9"SheetSquare228.60mm x 228.60mm0A14162-37 product page link
A14162-43 datasheet linkTFLEX 260V0 18" X 18"A14162-43TFLEX 260V0 18" X 18"SheetSquare457.20mm x 457.20mm0A14162-43 product page link
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Published: 2012-06-29