Laird Outdoor Cooler Series

Laird's AA outdoor cooler series is a ruggedized air-to-air thermoelectric assembly that uses impingement flow to transfer heat

Image of Laird Technologies' Laird Outdoor Cooler SeriesLaird's AA outdoor cooler series is a ruggedized air-to-air thermoelectric assembly (TEA) that uses impingement flow to transfer heat. It offers dependable, compact performance by cooling objects via convection. Heat is absorbed and dissipated through high-density heat exchangers equipped with air-ducted shrouds and brand name fans. The heat-pumping action occurs from custom designed thermoelectric modules that achieve a high-coefficient of performance (COP) to minimize power consumption.

Standard outdoor cooler series run on open loop at either 24 or 48 VDC operation. Outdoor coolers are also offered with bi-polar control, which operates on a closed loop. Laird offers two types of bi-polar thermostatic controllers that are configured to our most popular temperature set points. The LE-80 controller is programmed to cool when the internal temperature of the enclosure exceeds 35°C and heat when it drops below 5°C. The LK-81 controller is programmed to cool when the internal temperature of the enclosure exceeds 25°C and heat when it drops below 10°C.

This product series has been designed to pass rigorous telcordia test requirements conducted by our customers, such as earthquake resistance, salt fog, wind-driven rain, high-temperature exposure, and dust contaminants. This is due to the selection of world-class components such as brand fans with the highest-degree of environmental protection and lifetime-guaranteed waterproof connectors, heavy-duty anodization on the high-density heat-sinks, overheat protection, and double environmental seals for the thermoelectric modules.


  • Wide-operating temperature range from -40°C to 55°C
  • Telcordia GR-487-CORE tested and verified by customers when integrated in telecom outdoor enclosures
  • Gaskets, connectors, and fans provide a NEMA 4 seal for the enclosure
  • UL 60950 and UL 50 approval obtained by customers when integrated in telecom outdoor enclosures
  • Environmentally-friendly solid-state operation – no compressor or CFC refrigerants
  • Optional bi-polar thermostatic control


  • Outdoor telecom enclosures
  • Outdoor kiosks and displays
  • Harsh condition electronic cabinets
  • Battery cabinets

Laird Outdoor Cooler Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionHeat Transfer TypePower - CoolingCurrentAvailable Quantity
AA-150-24-44-00-XX datasheet linkTHERMOELECTRIC ASSY AIR-AIR 7.9AAA-150-24-44-00-XXTHERMOELECTRIC ASSY AIR-AIR 7.9AAir to Air143W7.9A5 - Immediate
AA-150-24-44-00-XX product page link
AA-200-24-44-00-XX datasheet linkTHERMOELECTRC ASSY AIR-AIR 11.3AAA-200-24-44-00-XXTHERMOELECTRC ASSY AIR-AIR 11.3AAir to Air193W11.3A22 - Immediate
AA-200-24-44-00-XX product page link
AA-100-24-44-00-XX datasheet linkTHERMOELECTRIC ASSY AIR-AIR 5.6AAA-100-24-44-00-XXTHERMOELECTRIC ASSY AIR-AIR 5.6AAir to Air102W5.6A6 - Immediate
AA-100-24-44-00-XX product page link
AA-250-24-44-LK-XX datasheet linkTHERMOELECTRC ASSY AIR-AIR 24VAA-250-24-44-LK-XXTHERMOELECTRC ASSY AIR-AIR 24VAir to Air244W12.1A2 - Immediate
AA-250-24-44-LK-XX product page link
AA-250-48-44-LE-XX datasheet linkTHERMOELECTRC ASSY AIR-AIR 48VAA-250-48-44-LE-XXTHERMOELECTRC ASSY AIR-AIR 48VAir to Air244W6.1A4 - Immediate
AA-250-48-44-LE-XX product page link
AA-250-24-44-LE-XX datasheet linkTHERMOELECTRC ASSY AIR-AIR 24VAA-250-24-44-LE-XXTHERMOELECTRC ASSY AIR-AIR 24VAir to Air244W12.1A3 - Immediate
AA-250-24-44-LE-XX product page link
AA-250-48-44-LK-XX datasheet linkTHERMOELECTRC ASSY AIR-AIR 48VAA-250-48-44-LK-XXTHERMOELECTRC ASSY AIR-AIR 48VAir to Air244W6.1A3 - Immediate
AA-250-48-44-LK-XX product page link
AA-250-24-44-00-XX datasheet linkTHERMOELECTRC ASSY AIR-AIR 24VAA-250-24-44-00-XXTHERMOELECTRC ASSY AIR-AIR 24VAir to Air244W12.1A1 - Immediate
AA-250-24-44-00-XX product page link
AA-200-48-44-00-XX datasheet linkTHERMOELECTRIC ASSY AIR-AIR 5.6AAA-200-48-44-00-XXTHERMOELECTRIC ASSY AIR-AIR 5.6AAir to Air193W5.6A0AA-200-48-44-00-XX product page link
43700000045000 datasheet linkAA,150,24,44,LK,XX ASSEMBLY43700000045000AA,150,24,44,LK,XX ASSEMBLYAir to Air143W7.9A043700000045000 product page link
AA,150,24,44,LE,XX THERMO ASSY43700000044000AA,150,24,44,LE,XX THERMO ASSYAir to Air143W7.9A043700000044000 product page link
AA-250-48-44-00-XX datasheet linkTHERMOELECTRC ASSY AIR-AIR 48VAA-250-48-44-00-XXTHERMOELECTRC ASSY AIR-AIR 48VAir to Air244W6.1A0AA-250-48-44-00-XX product page link
AA-200-24-44-LK-XX datasheet linkTHERMOELECTRIC ASSY AIR-AIR 11.3AA-200-24-44-LK-XXTHERMOELECTRIC ASSY AIR-AIR 11.3Air to Air193W11.3A0AA-200-24-44-LK-XX product page link
43700000051000 datasheet linkAA-200-48-44-LK-XX THERMO ASSY43700000051000AA-200-48-44-LK-XX THERMO ASSYAir to Air193W5.6A043700000051000 product page link
Published: 2014-03-11