Super Capacitors

KEMET's super capacitor line is offered in four form factors

Image of Kemet's Super CapacitorsKEMET/NEC TOKIN offers a super capacitor line in four form-factors. Designers will find better-than-industry standard ESR ratings in the surface-mount FC series and wider temperature ranges in the snap-in FT series. The radial HVZ series boasts capacitance values up to 100°F.

Features and Benefits
  • Wide ESR range
  • Different form-factors
  • Maximum operating temperature of +85°C
  • Wide output current range (100 μA to 5 A)


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusCapacitanceAvailable Quantity
FYL0H103ZF datasheet linkCAP 10MF -20% +80% 5.5V T/HFYL0H103ZFCAP 10MF -20% +80% 5.5V T/HActive10mF1836 - Immediate
FYL0H103ZF product page link
FG0H104ZF datasheet linkCAP 100MF -20% +80% 5.5V T/HFG0H104ZFCAP 100MF -20% +80% 5.5V T/HActive100mF3000 - Immediate
FG0H104ZF product page link
FR0H223ZF datasheet linkCAP 22MF -20% +80% 5.5V T/HFR0H223ZFCAP 22MF -20% +80% 5.5V T/HActive22mF1306 - Immediate
FR0H223ZF product page link
FYL0H473ZF datasheet linkCAP 47MF -20% +80% 5.5V T/HFYL0H473ZFCAP 47MF -20% +80% 5.5V T/HActive47mF1194 - Immediate
FYL0H473ZF product page link
FS0H224ZF datasheet linkCAP 220MF -20% +80% 5.5V T/HFS0H224ZFCAP 220MF -20% +80% 5.5V T/HActive220mF1175 - Immediate
FS0H224ZF product page link
FS0H104ZF datasheet linkCAP 100MF -20% +80% 5.5V T/HFS0H104ZFCAP 100MF -20% +80% 5.5V T/HActive100mF141 - Immediate
FS0H104ZF product page link
FYD0H473ZF datasheet linkCAP 47MF -20% +80% 5.5V T/HFYD0H473ZFCAP 47MF -20% +80% 5.5V T/HActive47mF456 - Immediate
FYD0H473ZF product page link
FR0H473ZF datasheet linkCAP 47MF -20% +80% 5.5V T/HFR0H473ZFCAP 47MF -20% +80% 5.5V T/HActive47mF612 - Immediate
FR0H473ZF product page link
FYD0H104ZF datasheet linkCAP 100MF -20% +80% 5.5V T/HFYD0H104ZFCAP 100MF -20% +80% 5.5V T/HActive100mF1 - Immediate
FYD0H104ZF product page link
FT0H104ZF datasheet linkCAP 100MF -20% +80% 5.5V T/HFT0H104ZFCAP 100MF -20% +80% 5.5V T/HActive100mF0FT0H104ZF product page link
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Published: 2013-10-07