CWR MIL-PRF-55365 Tantalum Surface Mount Series

KEMET's high-reliability military SMD tantalum capacitors for defense and aerospace applications

Image of Kemet's CWR MIL-PRF-55365 Tantalum Surface Mount SeriesKEMET’s CWR Military Tantalum series has historically provided high-reliability performance for defense and aerospace applications. The QPL listed MIL-PRF-55365 product line comes in four styles: CWR09, CWR11, CWR19 and CWR29. Mission critical military systems have come to rely on KEMET Electronics’ family of defense and aerospace capacitors.


  • Weibull failure rate grading options B, C and D
  • Voltage rating of 4 V – 50 V
  • Operating temperature range of -55°C to 125°C
  • 5%, 10% and 20% tolerances
  • T-level testing available for space applications
  • 100% surge current test available for all sizes
  • Precision-molded, laser-marked case
  • Tape and reel packaging per EIA 481-1
  • All CV, surge current and termination options in specification available
  • High-reliability Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) versions available (KEMET T493 and T497 Series)

CWR Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCapacitanceToleranceAvailable Quantity
CWR11HH105KB datasheet linkCAP TANT 1.0UF 10% 15V 1206CWR11HH105KBCAP TANT 1.0UF 10% 15V 12061µF±10%2067 - Immediate
CWR11HH105KB product page link
CWR11JH225KB datasheet linkCAP TANT 2.2UF 10% 20V 1411CWR11JH225KBCAP TANT 2.2UF 10% 20V 14112.2µF±10%10943 - Immediate
CWR11JH225KB product page link
CWR11JH335KB datasheet linkCAP TANT 3.3UF 10% 20V 1411CWR11JH335KBCAP TANT 3.3UF 10% 20V 14113.3µF±10%4500 - Immediate
CWR11JH335KB product page link
CWR11MH105KB datasheet linkCAP TANT 1.0UF 10% 35V 1411CWR11MH105KBCAP TANT 1.0UF 10% 35V 14111µF±10%4945 - Immediate
CWR11MH105KB product page link
CWR11FH475KB datasheet linkCAP TANT 4.7UF 10% 10V 1411CWR11FH475KBCAP TANT 4.7UF 10% 10V 14114.7µF±10%3236 - Immediate
CWR11FH475KB product page link
CWR11HH475KB datasheet linkCAP TANT 4.7UF 10% 15V 1411CWR11HH475KBCAP TANT 4.7UF 10% 15V 14114.7µF±10%2559 - Immediate
CWR11HH475KB product page link
CWR11JH105JB datasheet linkCAP TANT 1.0UF 5% 20V 1206CWR11JH105JBCAP TANT 1.0UF 5% 20V 12061µF±5%2534 - Immediate
CWR11JH105JB product page link
CWR11KH105KC datasheet linkCAP TANT 1.0UF 10% 25V 1411CWR11KH105KCCAP TANT 1.0UF 10% 25V 14111µF±10%4341 - Immediate
CWR11KH105KC product page link
CWR11MH105KC datasheet linkCAP TANT 1.0UF 10% 35V 1411CWR11MH105KCCAP TANT 1.0UF 10% 35V 14111µF±10%5743 - Immediate
CWR11MH105KC product page link
CWR11JH335KC datasheet linkCAP TANT 3.3UF 10% 20V 1411CWR11JH335KCCAP TANT 3.3UF 10% 20V 14113.3µF±10%3986 - Immediate
CWR11JH335KC product page link
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Published: 2013-04-22