Discrete 600 V extreme light punch-through (XPT) IGBTs from IXYS

Image of IXYS Corporation's 600 V XPT IGBTsIXYS Corporation offers an expansion of its benchmark XPT IGBT product line with new 600 V discrete additions. These new discrete IGBTs are tailored to address market demands for highly rugged, low loss semiconductor devices that offer the ability to be easily configured in parallel. The featured devices demonstrate superior performance and exceptional ruggedness in applications such as power inverters, uninterruptible power supplies, motor drives, switch mode power supplies, power factor correction circuits, battery chargers, welding machines, and lamp ballasts.

Initial release of these new discrete XPT IGBTs will include devices that are available with current ratings from 100 to 210 A. Developed using IXYS’ extreme light PT (XPT) design platform, these new devices feature excellent electrical characteristics, which include low typical Vcesat as low as 1.8 V, low typical current fall times (tfi as low as 42 ns), and low typical turn-off energy per pulse values (Eoff as low as 0.33 mJ). In addition, they demonstrate exceptional ruggedness during switching and under short circuit conditions, establishing a new benchmark in device ruggedness. This is achieved through a 10 us short circuit safe operating area (SCSOA), dynamic avalanche ratings, and a square reverse bias safe operating area (RBSOA) rated up to the device’s blocking voltage. Furthermore, these devices feature an extended forward bias safe operating area (FBSOA), allowing for a “wider operating window” as dictated by the power limitations of the device, resulting in improved ruggedness and reliability.

IXYS XPT IGBTs are available in two distinctive speed classifications; the B3 and C3 Classes respectively. The B3 and C3 speed classifications offer designers with a more flexible approach to device selection regarding critical requirements such as switching frequency, saturation voltage, and cost. B3-Class devices feature an excellent balance between conduction and switching losses and are optimized for hard switching frequencies from 10 to 30 kHz. C3-Class devices are optimized for minimal switching losses and are recommended for hard switching frequencies from 20 to 60 kHz.

  • B3 class optimized for 10-30 kHz switching
  • C3 class optimized for 20-60 kHz switching
  • Optional anti-parallel ultra-fast diode
  • International standard packages
  • Square RBSOA
  • Avalanche rated
  • Short circuit capability
  • High current capability
  • Power inverters
  • UPS
  • SMPS
  • PFC
  • Battery chargers
  • Welding machines
  • Lamp ballasts
  • Motor drives


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
IXXH100N60B3 datasheet linkIGBT 600V 220A 830W TO247ADIXXH100N60B3IGBT 600V 220A 830W TO247AD37 - Immediate
IXXH100N60B3 product page link
IXXH50N60C3D1 datasheet linkIGBT 600V 100A 600W TO247ADIXXH50N60C3D1IGBT 600V 100A 600W TO247AD17 - Immediate
IXXH50N60C3D1 product page link
IXXK100N60B3H1 datasheet linkIGBT 600V 200A 695W TO264IXXK100N60B3H1IGBT 600V 200A 695W TO26416 - Immediate
IXXK100N60B3H1 product page link
IXXK100N60C3H1 datasheet linkIGBT 600V 170A 695W TO264IXXK100N60C3H1IGBT 600V 170A 695W TO2640IXXK100N60C3H1 product page link
IXXH100N60C3 datasheet linkIGBT 600V 190A 830W TO247ADIXXH100N60C3IGBT 600V 190A 830W TO247AD3 - Immediate
IXXH100N60C3 product page link
IXXH50N60C3 datasheet linkIGBT 600V 100A 600W TO247ADIXXH50N60C3IGBT 600V 100A 600W TO247AD0IXXH50N60C3 product page link
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Published: 2014-02-12