4500 V Power MOSFETs

Ideal for very-high-voltage power conversion applications

Image of IXYS Corporation's 4500 V Power MOSFETsThese Power MOSFETs can provide an optimal solution for applications such as capacitor discharge circuits, high-voltage automated test equipment, laser and x-ray generation systems, high-voltage power supplies, and pulse circuits. Thanks to the positive temperature coefficient of their on-state resistance, these very-high-voltage MOSFETs are ideally suited for parallel device operation, which provides cost-effective solutions, compared to series-connected, lower-voltage MOSFET ones. This also results in reduction in the associated gate drive circuitry, further simplifying the design, saving PCB board space, and improving the reliability of the overall system.

The 4500 V Power MOSFETs feature high blocking voltage, proprietary high voltage ISOPLUS™, up to 4500 V electrical isolation (DCB), and UL 94 V-0 flammability qualified (molding epoxies).

4500 V Power MOSFETs
ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
MOSFET N-CH 4500V 200MA TO268IXTT02N450HVMOSFET N-CH 4500V 200MA TO268129 - Immediate
MOSFET N-CH 4500V 1A TO268IXTT1N450HVMOSFET N-CH 4500V 1A TO268101 - Immediate
MOSFET N-CH 4500V 900MA I4PAKIXTF1N450MOSFET N-CH 4500V 900MA I4PAK371 - Immediate
MOSFET N-CH 4500V 2A I5PAKIXTL2N450MOSFET N-CH 4500V 2A I5PAK55 - Immediate
MOSFET N-CH 4500V 200MA I4PAKIXTF02N450MOSFET N-CH 4500V 200MA I4PAK54 - Immediate
MOSFET N-CH 4500V 200MA TO263IXTA02N450HVMOSFET N-CH 4500V 200MA TO2630
Published: 2013-07-10