Trident Neptune Metal (TNM) Circular Connectors

ITT Cannon's TNM series is both cost effective and easy to assemble

Image of ITT Interconnect Solutions' Trident Neptune Metal (TNM) Circular ConnectorsITT Interconnect Solutions’ TNM (Trident Neptune Metal) series is specifically designed to meet the needs of systems that require shielding, sealing, and the extra durability of a metal shell. The combination of Trident contacts, membrane seals, and the Universal Shielded Endbell make TNM both cost effective and easy to assemble. TNM features nickel-plated zinc alloy shells and UL 94 V-0-rated thermoplastic insulators. All TNM receptacles are supplied with an interfacial seal to provide sealing between connectors to IP67. In addition, a membrane seal is available for those applications requiring the sealing of discrete wires at the rear of the connector.

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Features Applications
  • Accepts Trident signal, printed circuit, and coaxial contacts
  • Mixed signal and 30 A power contact version
  • Can be sealed to IP67
  • 360° shielding
  • Easy to assemble
  • Recognized under the component program of UL Inc. and CSA
  • Antennas
  • Industrial electronics
  • Heavy-duty equipment
  • Servo motors
  • Robotics/control panel
  • Industrial instrumentation

Trident Neptune Metal TNM Circular Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingConnector TypeNumber of PositionsAvailable Quantity
TNM6S12-0008P1L datasheet linkCONN HSG PLUG INLINE 8POS PINTNM6S12-0008P1LCONN HSG PLUG INLINE 8POS PINBulkPlug for Male Contacts8144 - Immediate
TNM6S12-0008P1L product page link
TNM6S16-0019P1L datasheet linkCONN HSG PLUG INLINE 19POS PINTNM6S16-0019P1LCONN HSG PLUG INLINE 19POS PINBulkPlug for Male Contacts19114 - Immediate
TNM6S16-0019P1L product page link
TNM0S14-0012S1L datasheet linkCONN HSG RCPT WALL MNT 12POS SKTTNM0S14-0012S1LCONN HSG RCPT WALL MNT 12POS SKTBulkReceptacle for Female Contacts1257 - Immediate
TNM0S14-0012S1L product page link
TNM0S16-0019S1L datasheet linkCONN HSG RCPT WALL MNT 19POS SKTTNM0S16-0019S1LCONN HSG RCPT WALL MNT 19POS SKTBulkReceptacle for Female Contacts1992 - Immediate
TNM0S16-0019S1L product page link
TNM6S14-0012P1L datasheet linkCONN HSG PLUG INLINE 12POS PINTNM6S14-0012P1LCONN HSG PLUG INLINE 12POS PINBulkPlug for Male Contacts1267 - Immediate
TNM6S14-0012P1L product page link
TNM0S12-0008S1L datasheet linkCONN HSG RCPT WALL MNT 8POS SKTTNM0S12-0008S1LCONN HSG RCPT WALL MNT 8POS SKTBulkReceptacle for Female Contacts869 - Immediate
TNM0S12-0008S1L product page link
Published: 2014-01-23