Trident High Voltage (THV)

ITT Cannon's THV contacts are fully interchangeable throughout the Trident series

Image of ITT Interconnect Solutions' Trident High Voltage (THV)ITT Interconnect Solutions’ Trident Connector System is a versatile range of connectors based on a standard contact design. These contacts are fully interchangeable throughout the Trident series.

Trident High Voltage - This new connector series is based on the Trident Neptune Metal housing. The insulator body has been designed for high-voltage applications. These connectors are rated up to 34 A (for wire size 4.0 mm² at 20°C) and 500 VAC. This connector series is VDE certified.


  • VDE-certified, 4-way high-voltage connector with up to 500 VDC/AC
  • APK power contacts used up to 34 A
  • IP67 sealed in mated condition
  • Robust and shielded housing, full RoHS compliant

Trident High Voltage Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConnector TypeAvailable Quantity
THV6U14-0400P1L-02 datasheet linkCONN HSG PLUG INLINE 4POS PINSTHV6U14-0400P1L-02CONN HSG PLUG INLINE 4POS PINSPlug for Male Contacts191 - Immediate
THV6U14-0400P1L-02 product page link
THV0U14-0400S1L-02 datasheet linkCONN RCPT WALL MNT 4POS SKTSTHV0U14-0400S1L-02CONN RCPT WALL MNT 4POS SKTSReceptacle for Female Contacts111 - Immediate
THV0U14-0400S1L-02 product page link
THV0U14-0400P1L-02 datasheet linkCONN RCPT WALL MNT 4POS PINSTHV0U14-0400P1L-02CONN RCPT WALL MNT 4POS PINSReceptacle for Male Contacts58 - Immediate
THV0U14-0400P1L-02 product page link
THV6U14-0400S1L-02 datasheet linkCONN HSG PLUG INLINE 4POS SKTSTHV6U14-0400S1L-02CONN HSG PLUG INLINE 4POS SKTSPlug for Female Contacts82 - Immediate
THV6U14-0400S1L-02 product page link

Trident High Voltage Accessories

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeAvailable Quantity
192993-0087 datasheet linkCONN BACKSHELL W/CLAMP SZ 14192993-0087CONN BACKSHELL W/CLAMP SZ 14Backshell, Cable Clamp88 - Immediate
192993-0087 product page link

Trident High Voltage Contacts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionContact TypeAvailable Quantity
APK-PB25A25L datasheet linkCONTACT PIN 14-16AWG CRIMP TINAPK-PB25A25LCONTACT PIN 14-16AWG CRIMP TINPin2008 - Immediate
APK-PB25A25L product page link
APK-PB25A40L datasheet linkCONTACT PIN 12-14AWG CRIMP TINAPK-PB25A40LCONTACT PIN 12-14AWG CRIMP TINPin902 - Immediate
APK-PB25A40L product page link
APK-SB25A25L datasheet linkCONTACT SOCKET 14-16AWG CRIMPAPK-SB25A25LCONTACT SOCKET 14-16AWG CRIMPSocket760 - Immediate
APK-SB25A25L product page link
Published: 2014-01-23