ITT QLC (Quad Lock Connector) Series

ITT expands their DL family of connectors with the miniature QLC devices

Image of ITT Interconnect Solutions' ITT QLC (Quad Lock Connector) SeriesITT Interconnect Solutions recognized the medical industry’s need for portability, increased functionality, and reliable mateability in diagnostic equipment. They have innovated upon their proven DL product line, the industry’s first “Zero Insertion Force” technology, to achieve reductions in interconnect packaging while accommodating robust performance requirements. The designed QLC betters current industry requirements by providing a mating cycle capability of over 20,000 cycles while supplying a 65% smaller package with a full 260-pin configuration. The QLC provides increased customer flexibility by providing full intermateability with competitive products, ensuring that as you upgrade to the new QLC interface, legacy products will remain fully functional during your transition.

Features and Benefits Applications
  • Over 65% smaller packaging than current DL products
  • Incorporation of ITT's unique extended insulator
  • Judiciously-located grounding springs
  • Robust zinc die-cast outer body
  • Incorporation of four locking hooks
  • Audible and tactile latching system
  • Fully-intermateable design
  • Assembly time decreased by over 15%
  • Over 20K mating cycles
  • Utilization of 130-pin PCB surface-mount
  • Ultrasound scanner
  • Medical equipment
  • Test equipment
  • Industrial controls
  • Rail
ITT QLC Quad Lock Connector Series
ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingConnector UsageConnector TypeAvailable QuantityBuy Now
CONN RECEP M 260POS SLDR STQLC260RCONN RECEP M 260POS SLDR STBulk-Receptacle, Female Sockets53 - Immediate
RETAIN SCREW M2.5X6127059-0067RETAIN SCREW M2.5X6BulkScrewQLC Series5255 - Immediate
CONN PLUG M 260POS SLDR STQLC260PCONN PLUG M 260POS SLDR STBulkDaughtercardPlug, Male Pins47 - Immediate
LEVER QLC127059-0069LEVER QLCBulkHandleQLC Series27 - Immediate
Published: 2014-01-10