APD Series Connectors

ITT Cannon's APD series features full-plastic connectors with a proven bayonet design and reliable IP69k sealing

Image of ITT Interconnect Solutions' APD Series ConnectorsITT Cannon's APD series was originally designed for the truck, bus, agriculture, construction, eco-vehicles, and special vehicle markets. These connectors meet all the typical demands for applications in these fields. APD is also the connector of choice in other areas, including military or industrial applications which require harsh environment solutions while needing a product that is both small in size and light in weight. The APD series covers a wide range of one- and two-way high-power, VDE-certified 4-way high voltage connectors, and up to 51-way high-density connectors, also available in special sensor or PCB-type versions.

Based on ISO 15170, this full plastic series is an ideal solution wherever harsh environment, high sealing grades, and vibration requirements need to be met. This series has been developed in close cooperation with ITT’s customers and is a flexible platform for customized solutions.


  • Bayonet coupling provides improved vibration resistance for 100% application reliability in harsh environments
  • Up to 4 different mechanical and color coding options with tactile and visual feedback to guarantee 100% correct mating
  • Individual wire seals for a sealed interconnect up to IP69k
  • Secondary locking for 19 and 51 way connectors enables improved retention force and ease of assembly/disassembly
  • Machined and stamped contacts in various sizes, materials, platings, and wire accommodation sizes up to 50 mm2 (0 AWG)
  • A variety of shell styles and accessories, including 90 degree end bells, allow easy adaptation to customer specific applications

APD Connectors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionConnector TypeAvailable Quantity
APD-1BS-K2 datasheet linkCONN HSG PLUG 4POS INLINE SKTAPD-1BS-K2CONN HSG PLUG 4POS INLINE SKTPlug for Female Contacts569 - Immediate
APD-1BS-K2 product page link
APD-3BS-K2 datasheet linkCONN HSG PLUG 4POS INLINE SKTAPD-3BS-K2CONN HSG PLUG 4POS INLINE SKTPlug for Female Contacts484 - Immediate
APD-3BS-K2 product page link
APD-1AP6 datasheet linkCONN HSG RCPT 6POS FLNG PIN BLKAPD-1AP6CONN HSG RCPT 6POS FLNG PIN BLKReceptacle for Male Contacts522 - Immediate
APD-1AP6 product page link
APD-2BS-K2 datasheet linkCONN HSG PLUG 4POS INLINE SKTAPD-2BS-K2CONN HSG PLUG 4POS INLINE SKTPlug for Female Contacts654 - Immediate
APD-2BS-K2 product page link
APD-4BS-K2 datasheet linkCONN HSG PLUG 4POS INLINE SKTAPD-4BS-K2CONN HSG PLUG 4POS INLINE SKTPlug for Female Contacts427 - Immediate
APD-4BS-K2 product page link
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APD Contacts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeAvailable Quantity
031-8646-010 datasheet linkCONTACT SOCKET CRIMP SILVER031-8646-010CONTACT SOCKET CRIMP SILVERPower, Machined150 - Immediate
031-8646-010 product page link
031-8646-002 datasheet linkCONTACT SOCKET 8AWG CRIMP SILVER031-8646-002CONTACT SOCKET 8AWG CRIMP SILVERPower, Machined112 - Immediate
031-8646-002 product page link
031-8646-001 datasheet linkCONTACT SOCKET CRIMP SILVER031-8646-001CONTACT SOCKET CRIMP SILVERPower, Machined96 - Immediate
031-8646-001 product page link
030-8614-030 datasheet linkCONTACT PIN SZ 0 CRIMP SILVER030-8614-030CONTACT PIN SZ 0 CRIMP SILVERPower, Machined0030-8614-030 product page link
031-8646-011 datasheet linkCONTACT SOCKET CRIMP SILVER031-8646-011CONTACT SOCKET CRIMP SILVERPower, Machined0031-8646-011 product page link
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APD Accessories

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAccessory TypeFor Use With/Related ProductsAvailable Quantity
120110-0217 datasheet linkDUMMY RCPT FOR APD 1-7WAY120110-0217DUMMY RCPT FOR APD 1-7WAYDummy ReceptacleAPD 1, 2, 4, 6/7-Way Plugs335 - Immediate
120110-0217 product page link
075-8503-004 datasheet linkFLANGE GASKET APD 1-7WAY075-8503-004FLANGE GASKET APD 1-7WAYFlange GasketAPD 1, 2, 4, 6/7-Way Flange Receptacles135 - Immediate
075-8503-004 product page link
075-8503-000 datasheet link14 CAB 14S GASKET REAR MT PCP075-8503-00014 CAB 14S GASKET REAR MT PCPFlange GasketAPD 1, 2, 4, 6/7-Way Flange Receptacles906 - Immediate
075-8503-000 product page link
025-8636-005 datasheet linkDUST CAP FOR APD 1-7WAY PLUG025-8636-005DUST CAP FOR APD 1-7WAY PLUGCap (Cover), DustAPD 1-Way Plugs274 - Immediate
025-8636-005 product page link
066-8516-005 datasheet linkAPD MOUNTING FLANGE066-8516-005APD MOUNTING FLANGEFlangeAPD 1, 2, 4-Way Flange Receptacles84 - Immediate
066-8516-005 product page link
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APD Tooling

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAccessory TypeFor Use With/Related ProductsAvailable Quantity
249-8619-010 datasheet linkWRENCH ADPT FOR APD 1-2WAY RCPT249-8619-010WRENCH ADPT FOR APD 1-2WAY RCPTAdapterAssembly and Torque Wrenches2 - Immediate
249-8619-010 product page link
121586-5242 datasheet linkTOOL HAND CRIMPER 0.5 - 4MM121586-5242TOOL HAND CRIMPER 0.5 - 4MMHand CrimperCircular Contacts, 0.5 ~ 4.0mm²2 - Immediate
121586-5242 product page link
121586-5149 datasheet linkTOOL EXTRACTION FOR APD 2WAY121586-5149TOOL EXTRACTION FOR APD 2WAYExtraction ToolCircular Contacts4 - Immediate
121586-5149 product page link
121586-5229 datasheet linkCRIMP DIE FOR APD 1WAY CONTACTS121586-5229CRIMP DIE FOR APD 1WAY CONTACTSDie SetCircular Contacts, 50mm²1 - Immediate
121586-5229 product page link
HPW400U-ITT datasheet linkTOOL HAND CRIMPER PNEUM SIDE ENTHPW400U-ITTTOOL HAND CRIMPER PNEUM SIDE ENTHand Crimper, Pneumatic - without Crimp HeadVaries by Crimp Head1 - Immediate
HPW400U-ITT product page link
Published: 2012-11-09