ISL8200M Power Conversion Module

Intersil's power module helps solve difficult power supply challenges

Image of Intersil's ISL8200M Power Conversion ModuleIntersil's ISL8200M is a simple and easy-to-use high power, current-sharing DC/DC power supply module for power hungry datacom, telecom, and server applications. The ISL8200M requires only a few extra components, including one VOUT setting resistor (RSET), to make a complete 10A design ready for market.

With its simplicity found in its "off-the-shelf" ease of use and unassisted implementation, the ISL8200M lowers design and manufacturing risks while dramatically improving time to market. Patented current balancing in multi-phase operation greatly reduces ripple currents, BOM cost, and complexity.

The ISL8200M thermally enhanced and compact (15mm x 15mm x 2.2mm) QFN package operates without a heat sink even at full load and overtemperature. The limited number of external components, lack of a heat dissipation layer, and side access to all pins reduces the PCB design to a component layer and a simple ground layer.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple and easy to use: Constructing a high-performance POL regulator with the ISL8200M is fast and simple. Only output capacitors, a few support components, and a single resistor to program the output voltage are required.
  • Lowers risk: Power system performance requirements continue to rise, increasing the risk of design problems. The ISL8200M delivers state-of-the-art performance without the risk. In addition, reliability in the field is improved, because it has fewer components.
  • Faster time to market: Power system design often happens late in the product development cycle. The ISL8200M minimizes the risk of product delays. Simply drop it on the board, and it works. It's easy to get the power supply right the first time and get products to market on schedule.
  • Smaller footprint saves space: The ISL8200M's compact 15mm x 15mm package consumes very little PCB area. Additionally, with its thin 2.2mm profile, the ISL8200M can be mounted on the backside of the PCB where space is typically free.
  • Simplifies inventory: Depending on output current demands, today’s designers must use different power solutions. The ISL8200M enables a single solution covering <10A to 60A. This simplifies inventory by allowing a single part to satisfy a wide range of POL regulator applications


  • Servers, telecom, and datacom applications
  • Industrial and medical equipment
  • Point of load regulation

ISL8200M Power Conversion Module

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypeNumber of OutputsAvailable Quantity
ISL8200MIRZ datasheet linkIC BUCK SYNC ADJ 10A 23-QFNISL8200MIRZIC BUCK SYNC ADJ 10A 23-QFNNon-Isolated PoL Module1255 - Immediate
ISL8200MIRZ product page link
Published: 2010-02-03