ISL8023 and ISL8024 Compact Synchronous Buck Regulators

3 A and 4 A high efficiency integrated FET synchronous buck regulators from Intersil

Image of Intersil's ISL8023 & ISL8024 Compact Synchronous Buck RegulatorsIntersil's ISL8023 and ISL8024 are highly efficient, monolithic, synchronous step-down DC/DC converters that can deliver 3 A (ISL8023) or 4 A (ISL8024) of continuous output current from a 2.7 V to 5.5 V input supply. The devices use current mode control architecture to deliver very low duty cycle operation at high frequency with fast transient response and excellent loop stability.

The ISL8023 and ISL8024 integrate very low On-resistance P-Channel (45 mΩ) high side and N-Channel (19 mΩ) low side FETs to maximize efficiency and minimize external component count. The 100% duty-cycle operation allows less than 200 mV dropout voltage at 4 A output current. The operation frequency of the pulse-width modulator (PWM) is adjustable from 500 kHz to 4 MHz. The default switching frequency of 1 MHz is set by connecting the FS pin high, which allows for the use of small external components.

  • Input voltage range: 2.7 V to 5.5 V
  • Very low On-resistance FETs: P-Channel 45 mΩ and N-channel 19 mΩ typical values
  • High efficiency synchronous buck regulator with up to 95% efficiency
  • 0.8% reference accuracy over-temperature/load/line
  • Complete BOM with as few as 3 external parts
  • Start-up with pre-biased output
  • Internal soft-start: 1 ms or adjustable
  • Soft-stop output discharge during disabled
  • Adjustable frequency from 500 kHz to 4 MHz: default at 1 MHz (8023/24), 2 MHz (8023A/24A)
  • External synchronization up to 4 MHz
  • Over-temperature, over-current, over-voltage, and negative over-current protection
  • Tiny 3 x 3 QFN package
  • DC/DC POL modules
  • µC/µP, FPGA, and DSP power
  • Plug-in DC/DC modules for routers and switchers
  • Portable instruments
  • Test and measurement systems
  • Li-ion battery-powered devices

ISL8023 & ISL8024

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFunctionOutput ConfigurationAvailable Quantity
ISL8023IRTAJZ-T7A datasheet linkIC REG BUCK ADJ 3A SYNC 16TQFNISL8023IRTAJZ-T7AIC REG BUCK ADJ 3A SYNC 16TQFNStep-DownPositive228 - Immediate
ISL8023IRTAJZ-T7A product page link
ISL8023AIRTAJZ-T7A datasheet linkIC REG BUCK ADJ 3A SYNC 16TQFNISL8023AIRTAJZ-T7AIC REG BUCK ADJ 3A SYNC 16TQFNStep-DownPositive206 - Immediate
ISL8023AIRTAJZ-T7A product page link
ISL8024IRTAJZ-T7A datasheet linkIC REG BUCK ADJ 4A SYNC 16TQFNISL8024IRTAJZ-T7AIC REG BUCK ADJ 4A SYNC 16TQFNStep-DownPositive203 - Immediate
ISL8024IRTAJZ-T7A product page link
ISL8024AIRTAJZ-T7A datasheet linkIC REG BUCK ADJ 4A SYNC 16TQFNISL8024AIRTAJZ-T7AIC REG BUCK ADJ 4A SYNC 16TQFNStep-DownPositive142 - Immediate
ISL8024AIRTAJZ-T7A product page link
Published: 2013-07-02