µIPM™ Integrated Power Module

Surface-mount, intelligent power modules from International Rectifier

Image of International Rectifier's µIPM™ Integrated Power ModuleInternational Rectifiers µIPM family consists of ultra-compact, surface-mount intelligent power modules designed for low power, motor-drive applications. The modules offer a combination of IR's low RDS(ON) Trench MOSFET technology and the industry benchmark 3-phase high voltage, rugged driver in an ultra-compact package. At only 12 mm x 12 mm x 0.9 mm, µIPM modules are the smallest in the industry, making them suitable for applications that are space-constrained. Integrated bootstrap functionality eliminates the need for external high-voltage diodes, while over-current protection, fault reporting, and under-voltage lockout functions deliver a high level of protection and fail-safe operation.

IR's µIPM product family offers a scalable power solution with common pin-out and package size. Featuring the most rugged and efficient high-voltage FredFET MOSFET switches specifically optimized for variable frequency drives and IR's most advanced high-voltage driver ICs, the µIPM product family offers DC current ratings ranging from 2 A to 4 A and voltages of 250 V and 500 V.

  • Open-source for leg-shunt current sensing
  • Optimized dv/dt for loss and EMI trade offs
  • Low RDS(ON) Trench MOSFET
  • Designed for use without a heat sink
  • Motor power range up to ~150 W
  • Protection features: shutdown pin, under-voltage lockout, over-current protection
  • Smallest form factor in the industry at 12 mm x 12 mm x 0.9 mm
  • Proprietary 3-phase gate drivers and bootstrap functionality

µIPM™ Integrated Power Module

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionMotor Type - StepperMotor Type - AC, DCAvailable Quantity
IRSM836-024MA datasheet linkIC MOTOR DRIVER PAR 36-PQFNIRSM836-024MAIC MOTOR DRIVER PAR 36-PQFN-AC, Synchronous146 - Immediate
IRSM836-024MA product page link
IRSM836-044MA datasheet linkIC MOTOR DRIVER PAR 36-PQFNIRSM836-044MAIC MOTOR DRIVER PAR 36-PQFN-AC, Synchronous487 - Immediate
IRSM836-044MA product page link
IRSM836-025MA datasheet linkIC MOTOR DRIVER PAR 36-PQFNIRSM836-025MAIC MOTOR DRIVER PAR 36-PQFN-AC, Synchronous1037 - Immediate
IRSM836-025MA product page link
IRSM836-035MB datasheet linkIC MOTOR DRIVER PAR 27-PQFNIRSM836-035MBIC MOTOR DRIVER PAR 27-PQFN-AC, Synchronous696 - Immediate
IRSM836-035MB product page link
IRSM836-035MA datasheet linkIC MOTOR DRIVER PAR 36-PQFNIRSM836-035MAIC MOTOR DRIVER PAR 36-PQFN-AC, Synchronous677 - Immediate
IRSM836-035MA product page link
IRSM836-045MA datasheet linkIC MOTOR DRIVER PAR 37-PQFNIRSM836-045MAIC MOTOR DRIVER PAR 37-PQFN-AC, Synchronous806 - Immediate
IRSM836-045MA product page link
Published: 2013-05-16