TLE7241 Current Regulating Solenoid Driver

Infineon's TLE7241 is a self-contained IC for controlling solenoid valves

Image of Infineon Technologies' TLE7241 Current Regulating Solenoid DriverThis new device from Infineon is a self-contained IC for controlling solenoid valves. The TLE7241 addresses the challenging control requirements of proportional control solenoid valves often used in hydraulic controls.

Each device contains 2 independent channels capable of regulating current from 0 to 1 Amp with 1.2mA resolution. Each channel provides a current accuracy of ±2% over the full operating range (temp, voltage). The device also offers the capability of superimposing a triangular dither waveform to reduce mechanical friction effects of the valve.

Multiple protection and diagnostic features are included in order to meet stringent system level failure management requirements.

Control module component count and microcontroller software complexity are both reduced when using this device compared to a "roll your own" solution using discrete devices.

Features Applications
  • Dual 1 Amp channel current regulator
  • ±2% accuracy
  • Controlled via standard SPI bus
  • Simple to apply
  • Multiple protection and diagnostic features
  • RoHS compliant
  • Proportional control solenoid valve control
  • Hydraulic control modules
  • Automatic transmissions
  • Active suspension
  • Fewer components compared to discrete circuit solutions
  • Requires little software overhead
  • Great accuracy without module level trimming or calibration
  • Current range can be extended by adding external transistors
  • Unique product with few competitors

TLE7241 Current Regulating Solenoid Driver

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSwitch TypeAvailable Quantity
TLE7241E datasheet linkIC SOLENOID DVR 2CH CC DSO-20TLE7241EIC SOLENOID DVR 2CH CC DSO-20Relay, Solenoid Driver1062 - Immediate
TLE7241E product page link
Published: 2008-10-03